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Life at Expedia Group Blog

Vamos Vrbo

Simon Fattal | Product Manager Intern in London Having just finished my second year studying Computer Science at University College London (UCL), I decided that I wanted to work as a Product Manager. This role involves a bit of everything, from data science to business strategy, so was really suitable for me since I haven’t […]

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Life of a Market Associate

Wit Gan | Associate Market Manager in Bangkok Hey! My name is Wit and I’m going to be running you through what it’s like on a day-to-day basis of a market associate in the Bangkok Office and more. I started my Expedia journey in June of 2017 as an intern straight out of college. It’s […]

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Unfasten your seatbelts and take off: Life at Expedia

Rodrigo Santana | JET Intern in Brazil Are you familiar with the feeling of being inside an airplane and seeing the “fasten your seatbelts” sign turning on? Knowing that for the next hours you won’t be able to move freely, that you’ll be forced to be sited on an uncomfortable chair doing absolutely nothing? Well, […]

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Explore, Learn & Grow

Victoria Yannopoulos | Senior Market Manager in Sydney What does your typical work day look like? I have just been promoted to Senior Market Manager so my days moving forward will start to look a little different as I will now have more interaction with the leadership team. However, my role mostly focuses on working […]

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Life as a Data Analytics Apprentice at Expedia Group

Isabelle Bentley | Data Analyst Apprentice, in London Tell us about how you became a Data Analyst at Expedia Group? After considering different positions within the tech industry I found my current skills and interests lay best with a role in Data Analytics, which I have always been eager to enter. Upon further research […]

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“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try” (Seth Godin)

Nicolas Blokker | Market Manager in Geneva What does your typical work day look like? That is the beauty of my job, there is no actual typical day. We are often on the road to meet with partners, or on a call with internal stakeholders. We have a very flexible schedule which varies from day […]

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Is this too good to be true?

Ana Maria Jalba | Associate Software Development Engineer, in London I’ve just passed 300 days at Expedia Group and it feels like it’s been much longer. I no longer feel junior in the company and my confidence has increased dramatically. It’s amazing what a good workplace does! Before I tell you about my experience […]

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Career Check-In: Fabio Carta

Fabio Carta | Market Manager, Lodging Partner Services in London Has it ever happened to you when you’ve attended one of those university career fairs and you try to make sense of the endless opportunities, industries and jobs that are right in front of your eyes? Rather than helping, it confuses you even more! Well, […]

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What’s the life of an analyst like at Expedia Group?

Achilleas Athanasiou Fragkoulis | Product Analyst, in London Hi there! My name’s Achilles and with this blog post I’m hoping to give you a quick peek at what the life of an analyst is like at Expedia Group. It’s been 5 months since I joined as part of the Product Analytics and Experimentation team […]

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What a difference a year makes

Nathan Adams | Data Visualisation & Insights Analyst, in London November 2017:  I was a final year student at the University of Bath, frantically searching for internship and graduate opportunities for when I entered the “real world”. During my search, I stumbled upon an Expedia recruitment event: The Business Analytics Games. This was the […]

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