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Women at Expedia Group Leading & Learning with London Chapter Co-Leads Charlotte, Laura, and Mo

Charlotta, Mo, and Laura, are all Co-Leads for the Women at Expedia Group Learning & Leading (WELL) Chapter in London. They use their platform to raise awareness across the office for fostering a more inclusive environment and raising awareness for women in leadership opportunities at Expedia Group.

Read on to find out more about their roles at EG, what they enjoy about working in the London office, and why they wanted to be Chapter Leads for WELL.

Charlotta Trimby, Process Solutions Manager

Mo Ayoola, Process Solutions Manager

Laura Mavrias, Product Marketing Manager

WELL was created to improve company-wide awareness of women’s leadership initiatives and to help create opportunities for career development. To this end, WELL’s mission is to empower and support women to leadership roles at Expedia Group through professional development, personal empowerment and strategic initiatives.  

Charlotta: I work in Process Solutions as part of Operational Excellence, working with a wide group of stakeholders across our Travel Partnerships and Media division. We provide insight into processes to enable improvement and change for a for efficient and effective working system.

Mo: The Process Solutions team, an integral part of Commercial Operations, is committed to transforming our internal processes and workflows. Our distinctive approach involves working closely with different stakeholders to introduce improvements to our tools and enhance our capabilities in self-service, connectivity, and partner experience. I lead end-to-end projects, such as improving and designing processes, workflows, and experiences. I always prioritize a human-centric approach that focuses on the voices of the partners or stakeholders.

Laura: I work in Product Marketing for Media Solutions within the Travel Partnerships & Media division. My role is to support right across the product lifecycle from early discovery all the way to launching a product and supporting it ‘in-life’. The key to my role, for me, is really getting to know our partners. Frequent calls and attending partner meetings, helps me understand their challenges, goals and the whole picture. Then I can connect the dots between those needs and what our products can do, turning features into clear benefits that make sense for advertisers.

Mo: Working at the London Office has been exhilarating. The architectural brilliance of the building and the use of different themes across various floors and meeting rooms is impressive. The rooftop is a great place to unwind. The general abundance of space around the office fosters a productive, rejuvenating, collaborative work environment. I also appreciate the opportunity to have coffee chats around the kitchens on each floor. Those short, meaningful, quick catch-ups inspire new ideas.

Laura: I love the London office! Everyone is really friendly; the space is beautiful, and the rooftop has some of the best views across London I’ve come across – the perfect working spot in summer – complete with a cold brew coffee served during the day.

Charlotta: The reason is simple. I am a huge advocate for women having the right to careers in whatever division they work in. They should feel supported and understood and I believe WELL advocates for that. Having worked in very male dominated environments in the past I am grateful to have a community at EG of women leaders.

Mo: The tagline, Travel is a Force for Good, is underestimated. Expedia powers Travel for everybody, and I am proud to be part of our work enabling global travel. I joined WELL for a similar reason: IMPACT. As a woman, I understand the lifelong challenge women face in the workplace. I joined to collaborate with other Chapter Leads to drive initiatives that help women achieve their full potential in the workplace and beyond. This aligns with our values of diversity and inclusion for underrepresented groups in the workplace, and I am honoured to contribute to and implement impactful initiatives.

Mo: As Chapter leads, we are pivotal in leading and coordinating chapter activities, events, and initiatives that align with the IBG’s global goals and regional needs. We are responsible for building a solid network and sense of community among IBG members in our region. We promote awareness and understanding of regional diversity and inclusion. We collaborate with the IBG Global Board to ensure regional activities align with the overall IBG strategy and manage WELL communication channels. We also recruit and engage potential and new IBG members in the region. In addition, WELL also supports the business with recommendations that drive positive and impactful outcomes for Women at Expedia and other Inclusion Business Groups.

Laura: Being a chapter lead is a big responsibility, but one that I cherish! The role involves being close to the London community as a whole, frequently meeting with the other chapter leads from different IBGs to understand the events calendar for London at large, and planning events/initiatives. One initiative I’m really proud of would be our Mentoring for Women in London programme that we set up at the end of last year. We recognise the importance of having face to face relationships and paired up women in London with Director+ level who generously gave their time to the programme. It was brilliant to see over 130 participants in the programme considering it was a pilot, and the feedback showed that both mentor and mentees got a lot out of it!

Mo: As a recent WELL London chapter lead member, I co-hosted the 2024 IWD event in London. Activities included the Pledge Wall Initiative, Fundraising, and the main event consisted of a Group Coaching Session, a Career Workshop, and Fireside chats.

Laura: We’ve hosted a wide range of events but the one I’m probably most proud of would be our Women in Football event, partnering closely with our wonderful Football Partnerships team to make this a reality. It was one of a kind event, bringing together some speakers representing some of the leading perspectives in women’s football; from the FA as well as 4 major teams; Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool, as well as grassroots organisation, Goals 4 Girls. 

Charlotta: I have learned so much from the chapter leads and other men and women who have supported this community. Not only learning more about the opportunities at EG but how women are supported and encouraged to go after their goals. It has given me more confidence in my abilities and allowed me the opportunity to stand up in front of others and speak on behalf of women at EG.

Mo: Everyone here recognizes the challenges of women and genuinely cares about delivering value. The environment is collaborative, and there is unity in purpose, which makes things move faster. It doesn’t matter whose idea it is. We all work together to ensure it is successful and delivers the utmost impact to our colleagues and the business. Participating in WELL makes my time here at EG productive, fun, impactful, and worthwhile.

Laura: Leading the London chapter of WELL has been an incredibly rewarding experience. First and foremost, it’s connected me with a phenomenal network of talented and ambitious women. We learn from each other’s experiences, share challenges, and celebrate successes together. It’s a powerful source of support, both personally and professionally. On a practical level, leading the chapter has definitely honed my leadership skills. From organizing events and managing projects to fostering a sense of community, it’s pushed me to develop my communication, time management, and planning abilities. It’s been a fantastic way to grow outside of my day job. 

Charlotta: My main hobby is martial arts, having practiced Kuk Sool Won (a Korean martial art) for nearly 10 years and achieved my second degree black belt, I am now working towards my third degree. I have two teenage daughters so they certainly keep me busy, too.

Mo: Outside of work, I have a passion for telling inspirational stories. I believe we learn by sharing our experiences and reflections. I also enjoy landscape photography, a hobby that allows me to appreciate the beauty of nature and capture moments of tranquility. I am particularly fond of capturing the contrasts between the blue skies and nature’s greens in the summer.

Laura: I have a huge passion for music, whether it’s discovering new artists and songs, listening to the radio or going to festivals and gigs to celebrate live music, I love it! 

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