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Work is love made visible

Marnie Weber | Sr. Technical Product Manager in Seattle I’ve done a ton of soul searching in my 53 years to date. I’ll do more – because I don’t believe we can understand much of what happens to us let alone what’s going on in the larger world, or the universe for that matter. It’s […]

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A Family Vacation to the Vrbo Citrus Bowl

Alex Buono | Learning Experience Specialist in Austin The Vrbo Citrus Bowl is an annual college football game that takes place at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. This year, the highly anticipated New Year’s Day game featured an exciting matchup between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Michigan Wolverines. To celebrate Vrbo’s title […]

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Celebrating Black History Month: Cultivating intersectionality and uplifting the next generation of diverse leaders in the travel tech industry

Kevin Brown, Senior Project Manager for global non-lodging supply, has almost 30 years of experience in the travel industry under his belt. His extensive experience, paired with his passion for shining a spotlight on internal Business Resource Groups, makes him a well-rounded asset to Expedia Group’s community both locally and globally. Brown has been working […]

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A Day in the Life at Expedia Group

Alana Keegan | Market Associate – Gold Coast, Austalia 7:00 AM I’m already awake and anticipate my alarm before it even goes off. It’s my first week back at Expedia Group as a full-time employee since my internship finished a few months ago, and I don’t want to be late! 8:30 AM I leave my […]

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Software Development Careers at Expedia Group – Meet Darryl

Based in our Chicago office, Darryl is a former sales guy, turned stock broker, turned software developer after taking an immersive course through Hack Reactor. He moved into tech because he enjoyed seeing products being built from the ground up and ideas turned into creations. Darryl’s also always been interested in tech and fiddling around […]

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A Life Changing Decision

Jerry Wang | Associate Software Development Engineer in Austin What is my job about? As an Associate Software Development Engineer, my responsibilities are to develop and manage our team’s software stack to connect property owners with their customers. There are always new and exciting challenges to solve any given day on the job. I started […]

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How We Celebrate Lunar New Year Around the World

This year, Lunar New Year Day falls on Saturday, January 25. It marks the beginning of a calendar year whose months are cycles of the moon. 2020 is the Year of the Rat, which is the first of all the Chinese zodiac animals. In Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and […]

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Machine Learning at Expedia Group; lessons learnt and more

In the first few weeks of the year, Aida Mashkouri Najafi and I (Katrina Soderquest) presented at the January session of the London Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup group. We both Lead Data Scientists within the EG Data Science Centre of Excellence and previously, data science team. Between us, we presented a range of thoughts on careers in general and opportunities & projects within Expedia Group [EG].

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Software Development Careers at Expedia Group – Meet Rolland

A self proclaimed performance-tuning addict, Rolland Mewanou has grown his tremendous software development career in the 11 years he’s been at Expedia Group. Father of two kids and former teaching assistant, this Montreal-based Principal Software Engineer is not only passionate about football (American and European!), but excited to share his day-to-day experiences working at Expedia […]

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It’s on the way to London….

Sam Howell | Ops Specialist in Austin We spend a lot of time together in the office – more time than we do with our real families and bleisure trips like these give us the opportunity to forget about the challenges we work to solve day-in and day-out and just enjoy each other’s company. The […]

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