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Empathy: the most powerful of Analytics tools

Alexander Jing | Analytics Manager, Product Analytics in Bellevue My journey with Expedia Group started 4 years ago, when I was hired for a contractor role. Initially, it was just a short-term gig. Yet the more I learn about Expedians and the work we do here, the more I am fascinated by Expedia Group. What […]

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My First 90 days at Expedia Group

Eleanor Evans | Reporting & Analytics Manager in London Tell me a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been with Expedia Group? I joined on 7th January; less than 3 months ago, having previously been an analytics manager at a big UK retailer I first heard of Expedia Group from a Woman in Data UK conference. I knew that […]

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Expedia Cares: The best perk of working for Expedia Group

Kayla Ferdon | Global Campaign Manager, Orbitz in Chicago Besides my actual day job as a Global Campaign Manager, my favorite thing about working at Expedia Group is Expedia Cares, our incredible charitable giving benefits, that extend well beyond just monetary donation match. Before working at Expedia Group, I worked for a wonderful nonprofit organization. […]

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Amazon DocumentDB Review

Gianluca Della Corte | Systems Architect, in London Originally published on the Technology blog On January 9th Amazon announced a new database service called Amazon DocumentDB that they described as a “fast, scalable, highly available, and fully managed document database service that supports MongoDB workloads”. Is Amazon DocumentDB a real MongoDB? While offering a MongoDB-compatible API, DocumentDB […]

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Women Driven Development Hackathon @ Expedia Group – from the perspective of the host

Jenna Prescott | Recruiting Manager, in London I heard about the Women Driven Development community through Ada’s List and after my initial call with the dream duo Phoebe and Misa there was no doubt that these were the type of people we at Expedia Group wanted to partner with. I connected with their genuine passion of giving back […]

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Career Check-In: Divya Bhardwaj

Divya Bhardwaj | Supervisor, International Payroll in Gurgaon What does your typical work day look like? The beauty of working in a truly global & diverse environment – different time zones – is that there is no “typical” working day. There is a planned itinerary and then there is an unplanned one which spices up […]

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Career Check-In: Faisal Saiyed

Faisal Saiyed | Director, APAC People Services in Gurgaon What does your typical work day look like? In general, I have long days since I handle APAC. Being based in India, my first half typically is about engaging with my team, employees and managers in APAC. Evenings are often about hosting/participating in calls from US […]

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Employee Experiences: Krystyna Waterhouse

From recruitment coordinator to business analyst: how to make a career pivot within Expedia Group Krystyna Waterhouse | Business Analyst, Lodging Partner Services in Geneva What is my current role? My role – as of the past year – is that of a business analyst, based in Geneva. When I moved into Analytics, my specialism was […]

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Employee Experiences: David Barmaz

Why Expedia is a special place to work David Barmaz | Supply Analysis Manager, Lodging Partner Services in Geneva The comfort of a large corporation with the growth pace of a start up When I joined Expedia Group Geneva Analytics team 2.5 years back, the team was made of 30 people. Today, we are over […]

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Career Check-In: Alex Lieu

What differentiates an analyst from a BI Dev? Alex Lieu | Director Business Intelligence, Lodging Partner Services in Geneva Tell me a bit about yourself and how you first joined Expedia My career with Expedia actually started 12 years ago in Seattle, but I’ve spent the past 8 years in the Geneva office. I initially […]

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