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Possibilities are endless at Expedia Group

Christine Gabrielle Lasa | Lodging Content Associate, Expedia Group in Manila, Philippines

Two and a half years ago, I began my journey with Expedia Group as a Lodging Content Agent (LCA) and frankly, I did not really know what kind of culture to expect from this technology company – but of course, I was excited about my new journey.

What is an LCA, and what does one do? Simply, I take care of activating newly-acquired properties on our Expedia sites by collecting lots of details from the hotel partner directly. I make sure the displayed content of our partners is accurate and thorough so that travelers experience ease and convenience when planning their trip.

Over two years of doing this job, how do I feel about my role today? Significant.

Being a millennial, I want to feel valued in the organization and find meaning in my work.

We have this thing called ‘’Associate Idea Machine’’ (AIM) that allows anyone to suggest how to make current processes more efficient and improve our platform: Partner Central. When we submit an idea and it gets considered for further enhancement, we feel we have contributed to the organization. The exciting bit about it is the ripple effect of your idea and how far it could reach. Possibilities are endless.  I am always stoked when my idea is taken a step further and placed into the work pipeline for enhancement.

Expedia provides an environment that inspires people. It gives recognition to those who live out the corporate values in their work.

When I received my recognition for demonstrating Expedia Group’s Guiding Principles: ‘’We act as one team’’ and ‘’We organize for speed’’, it drove me to “strive relentlessly for better!”  The recognition was an affirmation that I was adding value to the workplace.    

I briefly mentioned what I do at the beginning of this post, but to elaborate more about my role, I also help other regions with activating their newly-acquired partners whenever I have the bandwidth to help. If I’m not turning newly-acquired properties Live, I’m handling hotel partner’s request to change their star rating on the website or managing the policy requests partners would like to have displayed on their page. I take part in some test and learn projects too before an initiative is rolled-out.

Taking initiative and offering a helping hand with cross-support work goes a long way. Not only do other LCA teams from different regions get to know me, but by helping other teams with their Onboarding queue, I’m also helping our new hotel partners open their doors for opportunities for traveler bookings to come in.

I’ve been enjoying my stay here because Expedia Group does an excellent job demonstrating humility. This is an international multi-million-dollar company and considering how big this brand is, I attest to the fact that my thoughts and ideas are heard at an agent-level position. You don’t have to be in management to be heard. Likewise, I find the quality of communication within the organization is awesome.

‘’Random Coffee’’ is an initiative that was recently rolled out and this allows us to expand our network and meet new people from other regions even outside APAC. Employees get paired up no matter what level they are in the organization and this resonates humility because everyone is given the opportunity to ask career and business questions to the other person they’re paired up with for random coffee. The environment is truly welcoming.

My experience working for Expedia Group for over two years has been favorable and I continue to look forward to the endless possibilities where my career in this organization will take me.

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