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Software Development Careers – Meet Nisha

Having been with Expedia Group for over two years, Nisha enjoys how she’s able to combine her love for travel and her development skills . Based in our San Fransciso office, she shares about her role and what she enjoys at Expedia Group.

Tell us a little about your role and your team.

I am a Front-end Software Development Engineer for Hotwire’s Growth and Acquisition team. Hotwire is a leading discount travel site and we have tech teams in Austin, Gurgaon, San Francisco and Seattle.

My team focuses on all of Hotwire’s landing pages. We work towards building new features on these pages to create an amazing user experience for our users. As a front-end engineer on the team, I work on new features for our homepage and version-test them to make sure that our users are able to find great deals and have an awesome experience while making a booking so that they keep coming back to our website. 

I am passionate about travel. I make it a point that every other month I travel to a different city within the US or explore places to hike. I believe it is very fitting that I work for a company that’s in travel space and it helps me support fellow travelers by making sure they get best deals and good recommendations for their next adventure.

Share with us what’s a typical day like for you.

I start my day by checking my emails to see if there are any issues reported. If there is any urgent communication required, I’d first respond to that. I’d then continue on developing any features that are assigned to me. I also set aside some time during the day for code reviews. When needed, I help out peers on my team or other teams by debugging issues and sharing knowledge. Additionally, I actively participate in design reviews and architecting new features. Overall, it is filled with collaboration and driving initiatives to live environment.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy the wide variety of projects that I get to work on. Since I work on landing pages, the kind of projects that I get to work on are diverse. The projects could be related to improving SEO rankings for our pages, to supporting urgent information banners on the pages, to building new features that require cross-team/organization collaboration.

What has been your proudest moment so far at Expedia Group?

I felt immense pride when I built out a self-service tool for the marketing team to place promotional banners on the website. This tool enabled marketing team members to be more self-sufficient, thus saving precious development hours. Driving this project from beginning to the point when the first banner went live by using this tool was my proudest moment.

What makes Expedia Group and your team a great place to work?

Growth opportunities in terms of learning, flexibility to switch between different teams within Expedia Group is the best part. The fact that my manager is supportive in creating opportunities that align with my learning goals is great. As a team, we support/encourage each other in our assigned initiatives. We recognize each other’s efforts and speak about it during team meetings that boosts the teamwork.

The diverse projects that are associated with my team provide the opportunities to learn and collaborate with other teams. I’m glad I got a chance to work with my current team. It’s the people that make a difference in creating a great work atmosphere. Within our team, we are very supportive of each other and that makes a very healthy work environment.

Being a part of Expedia Group has provided me access to a pool of technically skilled resources and I have learned a lot from them. Also, it is possible to switch between different Expedia Group brands and teams. While working at Hotwire, I’ve had the opportunity to work on shared components belong to our other travel brands such as Expedia and Vrbo, thus getting a wide range of work experience.

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