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Behind the Expedia Group Technology with Asmita Bharti

By Asmita Bharti, Software Development Engineer II

We believe that travel is a force for good. Our advanced tech helps travelers everywhere create amazing journeys, and our AI and ML tools power unforgettable personalized experiences. Every day, we find new ways to combine our industry knowledge with advanced tech solutions to build a more open world for everyone, everywhere.

In this blog we go behind the scenes to learn about some of the work that goes into powering the tech that drives our features and products. Software Development Engineer II, Asmita Bharti discusses the pivotal role Chaos engineering plays in securing our systems against potential vulnerabilities and how being adaptable, collaborative, and a good communicator contribute to succeeding in a software development role.

I currently work as a Software Development Engineer II within the Fraud and Risk team at Expedia Group (EG). I’ve been part of the EG family since April 2023, and what an exhilarating journey it’s been! I’ve had the privilege to engage in a myriad of innovative tasks and projects, each one pushing me to grow both personally and professionally. The supportive environment here has nurtured my career growth, allowing me to explore new horizons and develop skills I never knew I had. Hackdays, Slashathons and other innovative activities have been fantastic for keeping the spirit of innovation alive, fostering a culture where we’re encouraged to choose fearlessly and pursue simplicity in our work. 

My role revolves around creating solutions that empower teams to optimize their workflows and enhance their overall experience. Whether it’s revamping existing solutions, incorporating new technologies, or identifying opportunities for improvement, my focus is on driving innovation and efficiency. By leveraging our resources and staying abreast of market trends, I strive to deliver impactful solutions that drive tangible results and elevate the EG experience for both internal teams and external customers. 

Joining EG a year ago was a no-brainer for me. The company’s unwavering belief that travel is a force for good deeply resonated with my own worldview. EG’s mission to power global travel for everyone, everywhere spoke volumes to me. Since I joined, my work experience has been nothing short of exhilarating. Every day presents new challenges, but it’s precisely these challenges that fuel my passion for what I do. Collaborating with brilliant minds across the organization, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to transformative technology which is being built by people who have a true passion for travel themselves. I really feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment that our work helps to build a more open world for all travelers,

Outside of work, you’ll often find me lost in the enchanting worlds of fictional books and anime. Recently, I embarked on a journey through the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and let me tell you, it was a spellbinding experience! As much as I love books, I also find joy in immersing myself in the captivating stories and vibrant visuals of anime. From the thrilling espionage of “Spy Family” to the epic adventures of “Naruto” and the gripping suspense of “Death Note” and “Demon Slayer,” each series offers a unique escape from reality.

Chaos engineering plays a pivotal role in fortifying our systems against potential vulnerabilities. By proactively identifying weaknesses and stress-testing our infrastructure, we can ensure robustness and reliability, ultimately benefiting our business and, by extension, our travelers. By pre-emptively addressing potential points of failure, we instil confidence in our customers, demonstrating our commitment to providing them with a seamless and secure travel experience. 

Practices like stress-testing and chaos engineering are essential for EG to anticipate and mitigate potential challenges before they arise. By continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and stress-testing our systems, we not only enhance our resilience but also stay one step ahead of potential disruptions. This proactive approach not only safeguards our business but also reinforces our reputation as a leader in the travel technology industry. 

Make sure to check out my Medium blog: Chaos Engineering for AWS Resources: A Custom Approach.

Succeeding as a Software Development Engineer at EG requires a combination of technical expertise, adaptability, and a collaborative mindset. It’s essential to stay curious, continuously learn and adapt to new technologies and methodologies. Effective communication and collaboration with cross-functional teams are paramount, as success often hinges on our ability to work seamlessly together towards common goals. Moreover, a proactive mindset towards continuous learning and innovation is key to staying abreast of emerging technologies and best practices, ensuring that we deliver value-driven solutions that meet the evolving needs of our travelers and our business. 

EG supports me through a combination of resources, training, and a supportive work culture. Firstly, the organization provides access to cutting-edge technologies, tools, and platforms, empowering me to innovate and experiment with new ideas. Additionally, EG fosters a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, where we’re encouraged to seek help, share expertise, and learn from each other. We get to take part in training programs, workshops, and certifications, which means I can enhance my skills and stay ahead of industry trends. EG promotes work-life balance, offering flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and other initiatives that support employee health and happiness. Overall, these initiatives contribute to a positive work environment where I feel empowered to thrive and make meaningful contributions.

I’m eagerly anticipating further personal and professional growth within Expedia Group. Professionally, I’m excited about the opportunity to tackle new challenges and take on more leadership responsibilities. Whether it’s diving deeper into emerging technologies, spearheading innovative projects, or mentoring junior team members, I’m committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and driving positive change within the organization. 

On a personal level, between traveling to new destinations, and participating in community initiatives, I’m excited about embracing new experiences and broadening my perspectives. 

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