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Career Check-in with Angela Crawford: Senior Financial Analyst

Angela joined Expedia Group in May 2016, and works in our Springfield office as a Senior Finance Analyst. While Angela is currently in a new role, Angela has built up great experience in, and knowledge of, finance at EG across multiple teams. Outside of finance, Angela has been a part of driving change at EG, supporting the creation of surrogacy reimbursement for people growing their family as part of their US benefits package. Read on to find out more about Angela’s experience at EG, and what life at EG could look like for you in our Finance team.

Angela Crawford, Senior Financial Analyst, Springfield, MO, USA

I’m currently acclimating to a new role delving into learning new tools and technologies and meeting with various business partners to better understand the work that they do and how I can help support them. I’ve been on 7 teams at EG so far, so opportunities are always there for those who are tenacious enough to seek them out. There are mentoring programs, inclusion business groups, gigs (temporary secondments), and learning tools that are ready to be leveraged if someone wants to take the time to invest in their own growth. The best career advice I’ve received along the way is “nothing teaches like a good mistake. No reason it has to be your mistake.”

Working in finance everyone is encouraged to be curious and to find ways to improve current processes. Expedia Group doesn’t subscribe to ideas of “well, that’s how we’ve always done it” or operate in silos. Cross collaboration and meeting people to create better outcomes is why working in finance is engaging and rewarding.

I’m really appreciative of my team. Everyone made a point of proactively introducing themselves to me and make a human connection. We often sit in different parts of the world from each other which is why it is incredibly important and extra valuable for that we make a human connection with one another.

I worked with the People team at Expedia Group to change a policy and benefits by creating a business case into why expanding benefits would be valuable. EG, in addition to offering adoption assistance, now offers surrogacy reimbursement for anyone needing a surrogate to grow their family as part of their US benefits package.

If you are looking for an employer that values inclusion where you can be your authentic self, there’s no better place to work in the Greater Ozarks than Expedia Group.

The culture is fantastic. I’ve been on an assortment of teams performing a variety of jobs and everyone I’ve worked with is thoughtful, understanding of work life balance, and driven to help their people find success here at Expedia Group.

The nice thing about working for a travel company is that it is a mission that is easy to get behind. Everyone likes to travel and putting the world within reach. Travel truly is a force for good. Relative to other industries, working for a travel company helps reduce barriers, not create them.

Traveling, meeting people where they are and seeing how they live, is the single best way to reduce bias and create a bridge between different cultures. The more we meet people with different lived experiences, the greater empathy and growth we will experience.

I took my family to Universal Studios, CA to go to the new Super Nintendo World part of the park that had just opened. We researched our trip thoroughly and surprised our children with the trip minutes before we left for the airport. We created some core memories on that trip.

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