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Career Check-in with Jakub Ogórek: Lodging Partner Associate

Jakub joined Expedia Group in September 2022, and works in our Prague, Czech Republic, office as a Lodging Partner Associate. An important feature of Jakub’s time at Expedia Group so far is the growth he’s experience in the role, particularly in communication style and relationship building with his partners. With a supportive team behind him, Jakub is making the most of his time, and the opportunities to learn and develop. Read on to find out more about Jakub’s experience at EG so far, and what life is like as a Lodging Partner Associate here.

Jakub Ogórek, Lodging Partner Associate, Prague, Czech Republic

A part of my role involves speaking with Polish Lodging Partners on the phone, checking my past requests, and following up with partners to ensure that their issues are solved. Something I truly value in my role is knowing that I really help our partners, and that the approach I have – where we can have light-hearted conversations, in friendly way, but we solve their lodging issues – has an impact. My team, in particular, is special, because we have people from different countries (and cultures). We get on well and we support each other.

I enjoy the friendliness of the people I work with. My Team motivates me, and we keep each other ready and prepared for everything. We’re there to support each other and to discuss our everyday life as well to keep a healthy atmosphere at work. What makes EG unique is the friendly ambience we have while working here and the great level of the customer service we provide for travelers. Travel is a force for good, because while traveling we learn; we discover and socialize. I’d say it plays a big part in our lives.

Prague is a magical place. I’ve been living here for 2 years, but still, I act like a tourist, and I enjoy every single walk. As I’m from Poland, there are some similarities. I find Prague to be a very safe place to walk around, even at night. The office itself is really nice, and recently had a refurbishment, so the facilities are nice and modern. Plus it’s in a great location.

I have had great personal growth thanks to my current job. I became a more open-minded person, educated in the technical requirements of the role, and am now more confident. This was an important change for me. I feel much more comfortable taking many phone calls and not feeling stressed about it. Before Expedia Group, I was terrified to pick up a phone call or to call somewhere (I suppose it is a generation thing). I’d do anything to deal with something without calling, but now I don’t even hesitate and it is great. Also, I’m proud of taking every training I could in my time in the role so far (Finance, onboarding new properties, product and account provisioning).

My favorite vacation was to Turkey. Thanks to Expedia Group, I could work from the Istanbul office for a week, that gave me much time to explore before and after the work time. After the working week, I went to many interesting places to visit the places I’d always dreamed of going to – Ankara, Capadoccia, Antalya, Pamukkale and Izmir. This was an unforgettable time (and food), where I could learn about the culture and meet interesting people.

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