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Emerging Talent & Careers: Career Discovery Program

In the Career Discovery Program you will be immersed in our supportive culture, build connections with our technology teams, learn about our opportunities, and gain mentorship to help get you ready for a professional career.  

The Career Discovery Program (CDP) at Expedia Group was introduced in 2021 and we’re very excited to deliver the program for a fourth year running in 2024. The program is designed to engage with students earlier in their educational and career journeys, and provides great learning activities and growth opportunities for those who haven’t had the chance to gain real-life technical knowledge and experience, in a professional setting. This program is open to students of all backgrounds who are interested in a career in the technology and who will be fully engaged and committed to attending. 

Candidates who join the program get to meet with various members of our technology teams, to talk about careers in… you guessed it, technology. Meeting these experts is an opportunity to learn about technology languages, platforms and gain insight into the tools we use. We also provide mentorship during the program, which means you’ll be able to discuss your career ambitions, or find out more about what you’d like to do, with dedicated CDP mentors, and the Early Careers team. Alongside this, we’ll explain more about our own application processes for our Summer Internship Program, and Graduate Program.

The CDP is an ideal way to meet students from a variety of universities, and colleges, and hear from our current Expedia Group graduates. These grads will have been through our Graduate Program and can share some brilliant insight into what it’s like to transition from university, or college, to work life.

The program duration, and start date, varies by region. Please see the sections below to find out more about a particular location. Find out what some of our previous Career Discovery Program attendees thought about the experience, and about life at Expedia Group, below.


What was the value of the Career Discovery Program for your career journey?

“The Career Discovery Program was great for my career growth because I got to gain a good level of domain knowledge about the travel industry and just get to know about the work culture at Expedia Group. The program also helped to bridge the knowledge gap from academia to professional work as a developer which was particularly great for me as I was also transitioning careers.”

How has the Expedia Group Graduate Program been so far?

“The Graduate Program has been fantastic! It’s really an accelerated learning program and I feel I have ownership of my career and how I want it to progress. The tools and help are all there and it’s up to you to make the most of it. I immediately felt part of the team and everyone’s contribution is valued. I would highly recommend Expedia Group as a place to start your career because the working culture is great and we are also working in a really fun industry.”

Why would you encourage students to apply to the Career Discovery Program?

“I would really encourage students to apply to the CDP because it will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to really start your career as a developer because it is really competitive to get hired and the tests need lots of preparation. I learned a lot about having a growth mindset and general tips that are useful when you start working professionally,”

What was the value of the Career Discovery Program for your career journey?

“The Career Discovery Program was a great start for my career journey as it allowed me to gain an insight into the world of work! There were workshops about personal branding, growth mindset and communication – all of these came in handy when it came to intern interviews. However, the most memorable moment of the CDP was connecting with my mentor, who shared with me her day-to-day responsibilities as a developer, her interview tips and I even got the chance to do a mock interview!”

What was the Expedia Group Summer Internship Program like?

“The Summer Internship Program was incredibly enjoyable. I worked on a project with another intern to automate a time-consuming task frequently done by our team. Managing this project on our own, gave a real sense of responsibility and achievement, whilst still having the support of our team. Throughout the summer, many events were held in the London office, ranging from a Pride event to watching Wimbledon to celebrating Notting Hill Carnival (with live dancers)! These events highlighted the positive, uplifting culture at Expedia Group and is where I met lots of other interns, many of whom I still speak to everyday.”

The UK Career Discovery Program will be hosted in our London office

Take a quick tour, below!


What was the value of the Career Discovery Program for your own career journey?

“It was a breaking point for my career. Before attending the CDP, I was still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do when I graduate. Throughout the program, not only did I learn about Expedia and what they do, I learned about career development in tech. I also got a brief intro to what it feels like to have a professional mentor which helped me understand the kind of support I could expect.”

What was your highlight of the Career Discovery Program?

“The highlight of the CDP for me was meeting with tech specialties, having a mentor, and learning about Expedia Group’s programs. I was glad I got to meet tech specialists and hear about what they do at work. When navigating your career, it can be very challenging trying to imagine what work looks like in the real world. Since, I spent most of my time in school, talking to them helped me gain a better understanding and reformulate my expectations. CDP was where I learned about the Expedia Group Graduate Program.

Having a mentor was an interesting part of the program. Since, this was my first time having a tech expert as a mentor, I was curious and had so many questions for him. He was welcoming and answered all my questions. He helped me understand what it would be like to have a mentor at work and the kind of support I should expect. The conversation was more like talking to a senior whom I respect, yet comfortable to ask my concerns.”

How have you found the graduate program experience so far?

“The Graduate Program has been an interesting learning process and a very important step in my career. I like the fact that I have peers in the same program with shared interest whom I can always reach out to. My team has been really great in helping me adjust to the work environment and making sure that I make an impact on the team.”

Why would you encourage students to apply to the CDP?

“I would highly encourage students to attend the CDP because you get a chance to talk to industry experts, have them answer your questions and prepare you for interviews. When you think about interviews, or wonder what it is like to work on real world projects, it sounds complex and scary mostly because you don’t know what to expect. CDP gives you that, it helps you to build confidence and gives you the right resources to better prepare yourself.”

Take a quick tour of the offices, below!

India CDP

What was your highlight of the Career Discovery Program?

“Are you ready to unlock your full potential and gain great knowledge about the company of your dreams? Look no further than the Career Discovery Program! The CDP offers a comprehensive deep dive into all aspects of Expedia Group, covering topics ranging from the vision and mission, to I&D initiatives and application processes. With hands-on workshops led by industry specialists, you’ll gain valuable technical expertise and interview preparation best practices. But that’s not all! CDP participants are also matched with a mentor who provide you with invaluable feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to perform at your absolute best in future interviews. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – join the CDP and unlock your full potential with EG!”

What was the Expedia Group Summer Internship Program like?

“Let me tell you all about my incredible intern experience at EG! From the very start, I was blown away by the amazing opportunities that were available to me. I was introduced to my manager and teammates, and the Early Careers onboarding program was truly exceptional. Throughout my internship, I had the chance to work on solving a critical issue that the team was facing. I was also lucky enough to have a mentor who guided me every step of the way, helping me to grow and develop my skills. But it wasn’t all work and no play! EG knew how to have fun, and a mid-intern event was organized for all of us. It was a fantastic opportunity to bond and have a great time with my fellow interns. Throughout my time at EG, there were various other events that allowed me to learn more about the company and its values. I successfully completed the project assigned to me during the internship! I can’t wait to return to EG again.”

Why would you recommend EG as a place to start your career?

“This amazing company is on a mission to power global travel for everyone, everywhere, and your contributions will play a huge role in making that happen. Working at EG, you’ll be surrounded by brilliant and dedicated people who will inspire and motivate you to be your best self. The environment is truly electric, and being a part of the EG team is an experience unlike any other. For anyone looking to kickstart their professional journey, I can’t recommend EG enough. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join a company that is making a real difference in the world!”

Take a quick tour of the office, below!

Mentoring during the Program

Billy Black, Machine Learning Scientist II

“I have found being a mentor incredibly rewarding. I really enjoy seeing my mentees grow their knowledge and confidence across the start of their brilliant careers, and hope that I am able to help them along the way with advice from my own experience. I’m excited to see where they go with their careers and hope to keep up our mentoring relationships.”

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