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Expedia Cares – Global Volunteering in 2019

Expedia Group’s purpose is to bring the world within reach and with that comes a drive among our employees to do our part to make the world a better place.

We’re committed to serving the greater good. That’s why employees are supported in four purposeful ways, ensuring a positive and lasting impact for all:

  • Matching Gifts/Volunteer Hour Match
  • Global Day of Caring/Global Month of Caring
  • Global and Local Volunteer Committees
  • Global Ambassador Program

Globally, 3500 employees donated more than $2.4 million USD. Our volunteering efforts have grown year after year, and we look forward to helping more communities in 2020.

Year # of Employee Volunteers # of Projects # of Offices # of Volunteer hours
2019 7,629 303 197 48,663
2018 7,055 271 203 39,500
2017 5,499 210 197 39,000

From cleaning up deserts, to conducting public speaking workshops, to planting flowers and trees and more, Expedia Group employees participated in both hands-on and skills-based volunteering activities in our global communities. Watch our Day of Caring recap video here.

Below you’ll find a snapshot of all the fantastic volunteering events our global employees participated in 2019:

Amman employees visited a refugee camp in Jordan and helped plant a garden at the educational center for Day of Caring this year.
Cancun employees celebrating after volunteering for Day of Caring.
Seoul employees volunteered at a local organization’s community center for people with disabilities.
Like beaches, deserts need to be cleaned too! Dubai employees got together and helped clean up the desert.
Hong Kong employees hosted regular charity yoga sessions.
Jakarta employees helped to rejuvenate a classroom in a slum area, and donated equipment such as books, bags and stationery so the children are better set up for educational success.
Some of our London employees spent a day helping out an adventure park in the community.
Our Perth employees spent a day serving food to the needy at a local nonprofit.
Phuket employees visited the Marine Biological Center, a home that welcomes and rescues turtles and their eggs from surrounding beaches.
Singapore employees helped clean up plastic from one of the local beaches. The team worked hard, finding micro-trash like plastics, confetti, styrofoam and cigarette butts, as well as collecting larger pieces such as plastic bottles and toys! Collectively, the team saved an estimated 40 kg of trash from damaging the environment and harming local fish and wildlife for generations to come.
Sydney employees partnered with Radisson Blu Sydney and Diversey to reconstitute used soap (donated from the Radisson) into brand new soap and donated the new soaps to Matthew Talbot Hostel. The team also managed to exceed last years target (99) by making 110 soap bars – which was a tremendous effort.
Seattle employees give back by serving a home cooked meal to the homeless.
Orlando employees served a meal at the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.
Amman employees grew their mustaches and teamed up to donate funds and raise awareness for prostate cancer for the Movember Foundation.
In the spirit of holidays, our London employees got together to write holiday cards to cancer patients.
Seattle employees got together this joyful season and wrapped holiday presents for veterans.

We look forward to seeing and sharing what our employees will continue to do to support our local and global communities!

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