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Harshita’s Experience in the EG Mentorship Program

Did you know that Expedia Group offers a unique opportunity for Expedians to connect, learn, and grow through our mentorship program? We recently spoke with Harshita Sharma, a Recruiting Program Specialist based in Gurgaon, who actively participates as a mentor about her experience.

What motivated you to become a mentor at Expedia Group?  

Reflecting on my journey, I’ve had the privilege of having impactful mentors throughout my life – from school to work. I decided to become a mentor at EG because it allows me to pay it forward. The mentors I’ve had in my life inspired me to guide and support someone else’s journey, while simultaneously discovering my own teaching style and honing my leadership skills.

How would you describe your role as a mentor?

Being a mentor means offering support and guidance to someone seeking growth. By sharing your experience and insights, you can help them navigate the challenges of starting out in their career or learning a new skill. Mentorship creates a powerful connection and learning opportunity, benefiting both the mentor and the mentee.

What have you learned from being a mentor?

Throughout my mentorship journey, I have discovered many different things about myself. I’ve learned to clearly express and communicate my thoughts, and that I am good at encouraging others to trust themselves. I’ve also realized that I should approach mentorship with the understanding that it’s a collaborative space where we learn from each other. My role is not to control their path, but offer guidance when they ask for advice. Witnessing their growth makes the journey deeply rewarding!

What do you think is one key quality of an effective mentor?

Active Listening is a very important skill to have as a mentor. I’ve learned that by patiently listening to my mentee’s thought process without interrupting, they gradually gain clarity and identify how they want to move forward. Active listening has helped us foster trust, deepen our connection, and has allowed me to witness incredible breakthroughs in my mentee.

What advice would you give someone considering becoming a mentor?

Don’t limit yourself in the ways you can help others.  Everyone has a story to share, so have confidence that you can teach, influence, and ultimately become a mentor.

“A good mentor wants you to move on. A great mentor knows you will.”   

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