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Insights from the Financial Planning & Analysis Team

From analyzing inefficiencies across business units, to providing the financial data and information for Wall Street analysts, colleagues on the Financial Planning & Analysis team make a huge impact at Expedia Group. With some tasks a regular part of their responsibilities, such as reporting on actuals and reviewing forecasts, the team enjoys working on something different each day, and get to collaborate closely with EG’s CFO, Julie Whalen. Our FP&A team is growing. Find out what life at EG could look like for you as a Finance Analyst, and what being part of a globally focused team means.

Meet the team

Nathan Lynch, Senior Finance Analyst, Seattle, WA, USA
Nate Bannick, Senior Manager, Finance, Seattle, WA, USA

Nathan: I’m a Senior Finance Analyst in the Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis team and I’ve been here almost 2 years. In my role, the day-to-day is always different—which is what keeps things interesting. One day I could be consolidating forecast changes to present directly to our CFO, and the next I could be deep in an analysis to find out what may be driving inefficiencies across a specific business unit. On a quarterly basis, our team is heavily involved in the earnings process. This is, for me, the most exciting periods of the year as we have a huge part to play in the success of our earnings process, including providing financial data, answering Wall Street analyst questions, to helping to write the story to use for the earnings call.

To succeed in this role, it takes someone with a unique balance of quantitative analytical skills to deep dive into numbers and find drivers for certain results and someone who is great at communicating to turn those numbers into a story when presenting to our company’s executives. Lastly, it is important to have a broad understanding of the marketplace, and our business, to be able to tell our executives why the numbers matter and how we can best redirect our business to capitalize on opportunities.

Nate: I’m a Senior Manager in the Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis team and I’ve worked at EG for 8+ years ,with almost 6 years in this team. My day to day can change depending on the time of month, quarter, year. Although, we do have tasks that are similar every month like reporting on actuals and reviewing forecasts. During earnings season (Jan, April, July, October) I’m typically reviewing work prepared by Senior Financial Analysts on the team and providing feedback. At the same time I’m fielding ad hoc questions on our financial results from the Investor Relations team to help them tell the story of the quarter. We forecast how the business will perform in the future and get our financial executives the insights they need to make decisions.  We’re also usually collaborating on some decks for meetings happening during the week and treating on views that our CFO is interested in seeing. 

Nathan: Although my current team is based primarily out of Seattle, WA, my previous team was what you may consider a “worldwide team”. My manager and co-worker were both based out of Singapore, while my skip-level was based out of London and our VP on the east coast of the US. I was initially unsure about how we’d successfully collaborate together, being so spread out across the world, but I very quickly realized the natural benefit of this structure. When I would be wrapping up my work day, my counterparts in Singapore would be logging on and similarly, when they would be logging off, colleagues in London would be beginning their work day. This meant our work was always being improved and worked on, with at least one employee being on the clock at all times, so we could share the work equally all day. My favorite part of working in a global team was the diverse perspectives offered by our team. I learned that when it comes to solving problems, and even things as simple as communication, that depending on your background and experience that you can have a very different approach. By working with my global team, I was able to expand and grow in the way that I address analytical problems, how I communicate my ideas to a large group of people, and how to adapt to various working styles. These experiences have made me a far better leader and improved my efficiency at work.

Nate: Our team is primarily based on Seattle (with a few exceptions) but our finance organization is a global team. Offices that we work with frequently include London and Geneva. We make an effort to meet at times that are convenient for each other. I enjoy working with my colleagues from around the world, especially as it relates to discussing different travel trends since they always have different perspectives and vantage points. 

Nathan: My proudest achievement at EG has been a performance consolidation effort, which reduced dozens of reports into one succinct, easy to read and digest presentation, which my team is responsible for and is used by our company’s executives on a weekly basis. Prior to my team’s report, executives were overwhelmed by the number of reports they were getting. Because EG is so expansive and covers a variety of lines of businesses across the world, each respective team was providing their own analysis, but there was a lack of a consolidated report which gave the overall health of the company – where we were excelling and where we could improve. After plenty of trial and error, we created one of the most beneficial reports used across our finance organization – to provide leaders with the key information they need in order to make quick impactful decisions the benefit our business.

Nathan: Above all else, EG’s culture is diverse, inclusive and contagious. Because our company is spread out across the world, we have a mix of individuals with very unique experiences, backgrounds, and identities. One of the numerous benefits of this is that it allows our teams to constantly grow and improve.

Nate: It’s sort of obvious but EG employees are extremely passionate travellers. Expedians are very knowledgeable about when and where people are traveling around the world and give some of the best advice for personal travel. That’s what I like the most about our culture – the way we’re passionate about the products and services we sell and all of the things that go with it. I think this sense of adventure helps us to choose fearlessly in the search for what’s next.

Nathan: Having lived in Hamburg, Germany, some years ago, it holds a special place in my heart, not only because of nostalgia, but also because of the uniqueness of the city. Being a harbor city, much like Seattle, Hamburg incorporates water into its infrastructure, making it a city where industry and art come together so effortlessly. Beyond the art, culture, and natural beauty of the city, Hamburg is also home of the Reeperbahn, a section of the city which saw the likes of the Beatles find their success in this night-life focused section of the city. The food and drinks are incredible.

Nate: In 2019 I travelled to Italy with my wife. We generally explore new places by eating and drinking wine and it felt like we were in the best place to do that. Exploring the small towns and learning about all the history and culture was a highlight, too.   

Nathan: One of my main hobbies outside of work is golf. One of the great things about golf is it’s as uplifting as it is degrading. You may have a shot that has you questioning why you are even playing the sport, only to be followed by an amazing shot that ropes you back in and keeps you coming back for more. Outside of golf, I used to be involved in the motorsport community where I was a part of a team that designed, built, and raced their own formula 1 style race car. It was a fun experience to create something from scratch, and then it placed 2nd in the country. I also enjoy travelling and EG has a great program where employees can work from any EG office in the world for up to two weeks a year. My plan is to travel to Singapore and work from our office there for two weeks, with a few other destinations sprinkled in before and after.

Nate: I enjoy running and biking in my free time. I try to squeeze in a run before work sometimes and when the weather allows it in Seattle I bike into the office. I’m also and avid sports fan, University of Washington Football is my team!

We’re looking for outstanding talent to join us on our mission to power global travel for everyone, everywhere. If you’re interested in being part of our global Financial Planning & Analytics team, join our career network and you’ll have exclusive access to our latest opportunities, events, interview advice, and global insights from our Expedia Group leaders.

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