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Making an Impact – the Apprentice Program

It’s National Apprenticeship Week in the UK! The week celebrates the value, benefit and opportunity that Apprenticeships bring. We caught up with some of our past and present Apprentices to find out how the Apprentice Program has impacted their careers, and what their proudest moment at Expedia Group has been so far.

What is an Apprenticeship? 

It’s an opportunity to join a full-time job in a company, and at the same time complete supported learning to gain a recognized qualification, all the way up to college degree level! Apprenticeships break down barriers to entering the workforce and help us to nurture fantastic talent. 

Our Apprentice Program offers a hands-on way for you to grow your professional expertise through practical work experience. You will spend about 80% of your time working on one of our technical teams and 20% of your time studying with our external training provider.

Doreen Kamushinda

Software Development Engineer Apprentice | London, UK

Before the Program

I was a healthcare worker. I wanted a career change, and used my spare time to develop new skills. Apprenticeships are a great way to get professional training so when the opportunity to join a program at one of the world’s biggest travel companies arose, I jumped at the chance.

My Proudest Moment at Expedia Group

Was enabling the “heart” feature on landing pages for one of our brand sites. It was the first time I collaborated with my team and implemented code changes, so seeing a part of my contribution come to life was a special moment and motivated me to keep pushing myself.

Victoria McCrady

Software Development Engineer Apprentice | Seattle, WA

Before the Program

I worked as a general manager in the food service industry. My efforts were often under-valued and I was stagnating in my personal and career development. Being an Apprentice has completely changed my momentum. I feel energized and fulfilled working at Expedia Group; I love getting to see my work positively affect and help connect so many people across the world.

My Proudest Moment at Expedia Group

Was the first time my code shipped. Seeing my first project on partner central still gets me excited about the work I’m doing here. I know users are enjoying the feature, and my current work is focused on expanding it. I’m really enjoying getting to to see my Apprenticeship come full circle like that.

Nouha Mann

Software Development Engineer I (completed the program in 2024) | London, UK

Before the Program

I was uncertain on which career path to pursue, after having just completed my UK “A-Level” qualifications at school. This Apprenticeship has significantly shaped my career trajectory. I was seeking clarity, so I enrolled in a software engineering course to gain deeper insights into the field. As a result, I applied for this Apprenticeship which presented me with an incredible opportunity to further develop my skills and gain real-world experience. It not only provided me with invaluable technical knowledge but also instilled confidence in my abilities, setting me on a clear path towards a fulfilling career in technology.

My Proudest Moment at Expedia Group

Has been working on the Hybrid Checkout and One Pricing initiatives, bringing Pricing into the beginning of its future Line Of Business agnostic stage and then witnessing the successful launch of it. Throughout the process, I actively participated in the development efforts and collaborated with different teams. Seeing the positive impact of these initiatives on our travelers, and the business as a whole, has been incredibly rewarding and reaffirmed my passion for software engineering.

Rayhan Mohamed

Software Development Engineer I (completed the program in 2022) | London, UK

Before the Program

I was working at a technology start-up as an operational analyst, having recently graduated from university. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in technology, and specifically software development, but without a university degree in computer science I knew it would be difficult to break into the field. Meanwhile I was self-learning some of the skills I thought would be required but the software development role still felt distant.

It was only when I came across the Apprentice Program at Expedia Group that I actually considered it might be possible. I was fortunate enough to apply and be offered a role at EG as a DevOps Engineering Apprentice where I’ve learnt valuable skills working across amazing teams on large scale applications and on projects making a real impact within the organisation. Whilst there are many apprenticeships available in the technology industry, Expedia Group has excelled in providing not only an amazing opportunity to work in a well-respected, large scale organisation, contributing in real ways, but also by showing support and care for their apprentices, in ways rarely heard about.

My Proudest Moment at Expedia Group

Has been the variety in ways I’ve been able to contribute – from working on the development of full-stack applications for the Crisis Management team, which helped streamlined the process of tracking and disseminating incident details worldwide, to creating the “WhoOwnsThis” application that aids the Incident Management team in quickly identifying ownership of applications during incidents. The moment that stands out, however, is the Production Readiness project I worked on. This project aimed to establish a set of criteria to deem an application “production-ready,” focusing on up-to-date escalation details, stable and scalable code, adherence to CI/CD principles, as well as documented application performance and availability through SLOs, dashboards, and alerting. My contribution involved developing two new stability checks that ensure swift rollback of production deployments by the Incident Management team in the event of an incident, thereby reducing mean time to recovery (MTTX). This project is particularly significant due to its extensive impact, benefiting developers across Expedia Group by enhancing the reliability and resiliency of applications. Having the chance to contribute to such a widespread initiative has been an extraordinary privilege. Throughout this endeavour, and indeed across all projects in my career, the level of support I’ve experienced from my team and colleagues at Expedia Group has been unparalleled. Their encouragement and collaboration have been instrumental in my achievements.

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