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Mentorship during the Intern Program

With each iteration of the Expedia Group Intern Program, our Early Careers team look to find opportunities to create an experience that matches the ambitions of our Interns. And the latest instalment of the program was no different, with the introduction of dedicated mentors for every intern, throughout their time with us. Although mentorship at Expedia Group is well established, this was a great chance to engage interns in the opportunity right from the start.

Kratika Agrawal, Early Careers Development Programs Specialist | Gurgaon, India

“More often than not, our Interns are beginning their professional journey and the program is their first exposure to corporate life. It’s very important for us to give them extra support outside of their managers, and teams, which allows different conversations about personal and professional challenges, and opportunities for growth, to take place.

This was the first ever dedicated mentorship program for Interns and it was very well appreciated by both Interns and mentors, due to it accelerating learning, supporting personal and professional development and fostering a sense of belonging.”

The Intern Program at Expedia Group

​​​​​The summer program provides an opportunity for Interns to gain a rounded experience of life at Expedia Group and fully integrate into our inclusive community. They are trusted and supported from day one, and are provided with a project to complete during their time with us, working closely with their teams, and managers, to make an impact on travel.  

Mentorship during the Program

Each Intern was paired with a mentor, meaning that hundreds of mentors committed to the program, globally. Typically mentors and mentees met with each other once every two weeks. This consistent interaction allowed for a deeper understanding of progress and challenges, facilitating a more personalised partnership. We caught up with our mentors, and mentees to find out how they got on.

Intern Mentees:

Navya Kunwar, Program Manager Intern | Gurgaon, India

“My Mentor loves to bake cakes and is a big foodie. Funnily enough, I enjoy baking too and we were quite surprised at our shared interest in all things baking!”

What has the mentorship experience been like?
I feel grateful to have had a supportive and experienced mentor who genuinely cared about my growth and development. It was great fun to be around his vibrant nature and talk about our passions for work, food, games, and life in general! Something that we have bonded over has definitely been badminton. Both of us love playing and hopefully we might have a chance to have a clash on the court itself! 

What has been a key takeaway? And why?
To value the importance of feedback from teammates. He always said that the reviews one receives from their teams play a pivotal role in the overall growth of a person. Something that I value most in my mentor is the importance he places on continuous learning. He always challenges himself to think critically and offers suggestions for improvement to others in a supportive manner. This mentorship has given me the confidence to take on new challenges and pursue my long-term career goals with enthusiasm. 

Aishwarya Sam, Data Science Analytics Intern | Gurgaon, India

We absolutely love talking about travel destinations!

What has the mentorship experience been like?
I always looked forward to attending the mentor-mentee meetings. There was so much to learn from my mentor, and her energy was contagious! My mentor showed me how dynamic life can be at EG and how much scope there is for growth. Not only have I unlocked many areas of interest for myself at EG but I also learned how to use my skills to contribute to my team and other teams as well.

What has been a key takeaway? And why?
A key takeaway has been understanding how EG works and how so many departments contribute to the company’s overall ambitions. My mentor helped me realize how my contribution will help my team in the long run. I’ve learned from her to have an open mind and I love how helpful she has been. This experience has truly been impactful on my career journey. I have understand how the industry works and how one can leverage their skills to be an integral part of an organization. 

Vanshika Choudhary, Software Development Engineer Intern | Gurgaon, India

We bonded over our love for solo-travelling. He suggested some exciting places to go travelling. We both love nature, and we also discussed about nature retreats.

What has the mentorship experience been like?
The experience has been great. My mentor helped me see things from a different perspective and challenged me to look positively at challenges I faced. This experience has been one of a kind. Having someone from outside our allotted teams to help us see things differently helped me gain clarity on so many things.

What has been a key takeaway? And why?
My mentor helped me understand that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them, and take responsibility. This helped me push my boundaries and try new methods to complete my project. My mentor also helped me with personal growth, and in understanding various aspects of corporate culture, and since I have gained more self-confidence.

Intern Mentors:

Harley Morgan, Privacy Customer Service Specialist | Springfield, MO, USA

What has the mentorship experience been like?

I have absolutely loved having this opportunity. It has proved to be very rewarding. I not only have been able to pass on my Expedia knowledge and helped another Expedian to ‘Go Get What’s Next’, but I can say I have also gained a friend.

My mentee’s role was not something I had any previous knowledge on but it turned out that since I had the same questions when I first started at Expedia as my mentee did, I already had the answers, and could provide the guidance he was seeking. I learned there are so many ways to help someone else out. My mentee was really curious and wanted to learn everything, which I admire. I appreciated that he allowed himself to be vulnerable with me at times throughout this process. The fact that he trusted me enough to allow himself to be open in those moments, really just warms my heart.

Why was the experience valuable to you?

Not only does it give you the chance to provide insight to those who are just starting their Expedia journey, but also allows you to network with someone new, gain a better understanding of where you fit into Expedia’s ‘Big Picture’. As I move forward at EG, I now have a better understanding of the things that newer employees have on their mind in regards to challenges, and opportunities when arriving.

Sarah Liotto, Support Coordinator Market Management | Rome, Italy

What has the mentorship experience been like?
For me helping and guiding is a gift, every mentee gives a gift with our interactions and reciprocal feedback. We built trust and engagement, and could count on one another. My mentee wanted to learn, and grow and needed me to actively listen. I appreciate their courage to challenge themselves in asking for help. It is not always obvious, or easy, to ask for help.

Why was the experience valuable to you?
A mentee is like a mirror, we can learn a lot from them, and sometimes a mentee can become your mentor. We can exchange experiences. We are all mentees or mentors for someone. That is why I believe in “Trust each other” and in “Include Consciously!” It is amazing how many kinds of people you can meet!

Hear from our Mentors, and Mentees, on why mentorship was valuable for them.

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