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Reflections from AfroTech 2023

By Christopher Krieger | Sr. Manager, Events & Experiences – Global Talent Acquisition

Expedians at Afrotech 2023

As the new Senior Manager of Global Events & Experiences at Expedia Group, AfroTech was a thrilling dive into what it means to live our values and mission of powering global travel for everyone, everywhere. In just my fourth week, the rich conversations at AfroTech unveiled numerous opportunities and potential collaborations, making me already feel like an integral part of the team. The event’s energy perfectly highlighted Expedia Group’s commitment to inclusion diversity, echoing our ‘Black and Well-Traveled’ platform.

At AfroTech, Expedia Group’s brand vibrantly came to life, affirming our identity and purpose. The genuine interactions and shared values at the event underlined its significance. The support from my colleagues at Expedia Group allowed me to express my true self and bring forth creative solutions, reflecting the company’s authentic culture. The connections made felt like an extended family, all moving toward collective growth.

This experience was enhanced by EG’s Learning Lab, where VP of Global Inclusion & Diversity Talent Ally Siegel, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Affiliates Clayton Nelson, and Green Book Global CEO and Founder Lawrence Phillips delved into how we are making travel more inclusive for Black travelers. We also had a memorable #Blackandwelltraveled networking event at RichesArt Gallery, where EG leaders and influencers spoke on fostering diverse talent, and the transformative power of travel, echoing our core values.

These moments at AfroTech are crucial to my role, demonstrating Expedia’s commitment to connection and innovation. The event transcended technology, focusing on community and progress. Inspired, I aim to make every candidate interaction an extension of the experience I had at AfroTech with Expedia Group.

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