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The Impact of Heritage with the Asian Community at Expedia Group, London

The Asian Community at Expedia Group has been connecting with its London members to explore the impact of their Asian heritage on their personal and professional journeys so far, as part of its Asian Heritage Month. It is these unique stories and rich cultural backgrounds that shape our diverse and vibrant community at EG. Find out more from our Expedians, below

Asian Community at Expedia Group (ACE) is committed to grow awareness of Asian, Arab
​​​​​​​and Pacific Islander cultures, empower professional development, and promote equality. ACE promotes a strong sense of community in Expedia Group with a specific focus on spreading awareness of their culture through events, volunteer efforts, and professional development opportunities for all Expedia Group.

Simron Patel, Product Manager II

India & Nepal

I come from a blend of Nepalese and Indian heritage, where the values of hard work and self-improvement are important. Raised in a family where resilience and determination were celebrated, it has been instrumental in shaping my career journey, particularly in my role in product management. This commitment to continuous growth resonates strongly with Expedia Group’s value of ‘go get what’s next’. Moreover, the sense of community ingrained in both Nepalese and Indian cultures has taught me the importance of leaning on others for support. This aligns with Expedia Group’s value of ‘trusting each other’, as I’ve witnessed first hand the power of collaboration in achieving shared goals.

As a Chapter Lead for ACE London, I’ve had amazing opportunities such as producing the video series for South Asian Heritage Month to showcase the richness of our culture and history. With the amazing community here are EG I have received positive feedback and a better understanding of how unique and diverse our Expedians are beneath the surface.

Eunice Wang, Technical Product Manager III


I was born and raised in Taiwan, I ventured across Europe for my studies and navigated through various international companies in my career journey. In Taiwanese culture, humility is highly valued, with actions often speaking louder than words. Our communication style tends to be indirect, and we often avoid confrontation. However, I’ve realised that this subtlety can sometime hinder our progress on the global stage. Learning from my colleagues, I’ve come to understand the importance of expressing our opinions clearly and explicitly, as well as keeping others updated on our work to facilitate cooperation. Asking questions, challenging opinions, and mastering storytelling are also crucial skills to develop. Another observation is relating to education, from primary school to high school in Taiwan, my days were consumed by academics, leaving little room for personal exploration and career discovery. It wasn’t until after graduation that I began to uncover my passions and find a suitable career path. Now I continue to seek ways to enrich my life, striving for balance between work and personal interests, because ultimately, life is about embracing the richness of experience beyond the confines of deadlines and routines.

Idris Kamrudin, Senior Key Accounts Manager EMEA

India, Tanzania, Uganda

My East African and Indian heritage profoundly shapes my career journey, blending diverse values and traditions. From East Africa, I inherited community focus and adaptability. From India, reverence for education and entrepreneurship. These influences inspire creativity, empathy, and relationship-building in my approach to challenges, guiding me with enduring values as I progress in my career. Growing up in the West, it’s easy to forget your cultural roots. But I’ve made sure to stay true to myself, embracing my heritage whenever possible and educating others about its richness.

My understanding of cultural intricacies enables me to forge robust relationships with a diverse range of clients and colleagues, enhancing our company’s image as an inclusive and global organization. My unique perspective drives my individual accomplishments and contributes significantly to our company.

Madeleine Castle, Commercial and Sales Graduate

Malaysia & China

My mixed heritage has been hugely impactful in shaping myself as an individual within and outside of the workplace. Coming from a British and Chinese Malaysian household provided a variety of experiences, which helped define what values and ethics mattered to me most – which have supported my journey with Expedia Group.

Growing up mixed presented its own challenges, which has installed a particular sense of determination in me. Throughout my education, and up to the beginning of my career, there has been a sense of not belonging and a need to prove myself. But at these times I reflect on the learnings from my family’s struggles and journey I’ve made so far, which has in turn provided me with the resilience and motivation which have been pivotal in contributing towards my “go get what’s next” attitude. With family being such an important value to me growing up, this has provided me with a strong sense of community, which resonates in my work and in every day life. The opportunity that ACE has given me has not only provided community, but also a real sense of belonging where EG’s value of “include consciously” is absolutely showcased.

Stefanie Chen, Customer Engagement Marketing Manager


I was born and brought up in China. Confucianism is one of the most influential philosophies in the history of China that has really shaped my mindset since I started my career. Thoughts on the power of knowledge, personal ethic, humanity, and morality have profoundly impacted my career choice and work attitude. More importantly, the golden rule of Confucianism, to treat others just as you want to be treated, is deeply rooted in my heart. Wherever I go, I never forget my roots and where I came from – that is what makes me unique, and proud. I stay true to myself and respect the diverse value from others.

I’ve had the great experience to study and work in both China and the UK over the past decade. There have been numerous challenges and growth opportunities in the multicultural environment, with communication style at the top of the list. I’ve also learned that perception is reality and that building mutual trust and understanding is fundamental to start every great thing.

Nicole Fung, Product Manager II

Hong Kong

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I came to the UK 6 years ago for my university degree and have been amazed by how my cultural heritage impacts my professional and personal development.

Living with my grandparents in Hong Kong, respecting elders and seniors is rooted in me. I was the most junior and youngest member when I joined my team at Expedia Group. Hence, I always let everyone speak before me during meetings, only to discover that this is not necessarily the approach in the workplace – as everyone’s opinion is equally important, regardless of your position or seniority. People in Hong Kong tend to work long hours in stressful environments. The hard-working and efficient capabilities I gained from my culture benefit me in the workplace, enabling me to promptly pick up impactful tasks and achieve them with quality.

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