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The Journey

Tim Kim | Insight Analyst Apprentice

My name is Tim Kim and I am a second-generation immigrant originating from South Korea. My journey has not been the conventional route but I’m excited to share where I’m at now. Having missionaries as parents, I got to experience traveling from a young age. By the time I was 17, I had already traveled to 6 different countries. Being a lover of traveling, you can only imagine how ecstatic I was to be given the opportunity to apprentice as a data analyst at the world’s biggest travel company.

The Journey

After receiving my AA in Arts, I pursued a career in the medical field. I worked full-time while also attending classes full-time working on my AA in Science. Working as an ophthalmic technician I got to experience the full extent of the health care industry. Don’t get me wrong, interacting and assisting patients with their optical issues was exciting but I preferred to work with their software and billing patients’ insurances. This is when I realized that Optometry was more of my parent’s and family’s dream rather than my own. The longer I worked at the office, the more drained I felt. 

Year Up

While I was working, I sought out alternate routes where I didn’t have to go into debt by pulling student loans for University and that was when I was introduced to the Year Up program. This life-changing 12 month Software Development program prepared me with the necessary tools and skills to break down barriers and connect me with opportunities within the tech industry. I learned how to code in multiple languages and received an opportunity to apprentice for 6 months as a data analyst role with the best team within Expedia Group. 


As the pandemic affected everyone differently, it was an extremely difficult time for me. My younger brother’s mental health started degrading and was diagnosed with psychosis. Since I was able to work from home, I had the opportunity to look after him while my parents were working. During this time, my dog, Bleu, passed due to an unfortunate accident but I was able to endure and overcome these tragedies with the help of my peers, friends, mentors, and my team members. These experiences really opened my eyes to the importance of mental health and awareness. I love being part of such an inclusive yet diverse company that really cares for its’ employees well-being.

Apprenticeship Experience

Although I was never able to set foot in Expedia Group’s headquarters yet, I felt accepted, connected, and part of the company. My team even opened a daily Bluejeans/Zoom bridge for us to be able to converse and mimic an office environment. With the help of my buddy and each of my team members, I was able to quickly gain the skillsets to utilize as a data analyst. I learned how to navigate through data by utilizing Expedia’s multiple visualization tools to find errors that were causing friction between customers and the company. This 6 month apprenticeship prepared me for my future career path whereas a 4 year degree would’ve taken my time, finances, and no guaranteed job security.  After my internship, I would love to continue my role as a data analyst with Expedia Group while pursuing a degree in data analytics. This diverse company opened the doors of possibilities for my future career path along with making lifelong connections along the way. 


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