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Interview guide

Your guide to interviewing at Expedia Group

We are travelers, technologists, and innovators. Our mission is to power global travel for everyone, everywhere through transformative products that create a more open world for all travelers. We work across time zones, hemispheres, cultures, and languages. We’re used to breaking things down and building them back up again, until they’re even better. We know travel can be hard, but we also know that it’s worth it, every time. And because we believe travel is a force for good, we take our roles seriously. We’re not just selling a product – we're crafting life-changing experiences that open hearts and minds.

We can't do that without the most diverse, curious, knowledgeable and creative people in the world.

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Choose Fearlessly

Own your own decisions. Make mistakes. Move on. Begin again.


Force Simplicity

Drive clarity and create momentum. Focus on impactful work.


Include Consciously

Bring people in. Drive success for everyone around you. Seek out diverse ideas and experiences to better outcomes for our travelers and our company.


Trust Each Other

We challenge each other and then place our trust in each other to deliver.


Go Get What's Next

Why Expedia Group?

We’re passionate about travel and its transformative power. We see opportunities instead of obstacles and love the journey as much as the destination. We’re a vibrant collective of travelers, learners, creators and experience-makers who value being part of the team while staying true to ourselves. Life at Expedia Group is an endless adventure, full of opportunities to grow and learn, while also being a part of an open culture where everyone belongs. We embrace our differences, celebrate new ideas, and welcome a range of perspectives—so we can serve our global community of travelers and shape the future of travel.

At Expedia Group, you'll have opportunities to:

  • Design the future of travel technology

  • Become a part of our diverse, inclusive teams

  • Experience and cultivate our open and transparent culture

  • Build a more open world and unleash the power of travel

  • Learn, thrive and grow your whole self

  • Create positive social impact and pave the way for a more responsible industry

The interview process

As you embark on this journey, we encourage you to bring your whole self to your interviews. We want to hear what motivates and drives you, as well as learn about your skills and prior experience. This is also an opportunity for you to get to know us, our culture and our requirements, so you’ll be better able to determine if Expedia Group is right for you, so you can make an informed decision.

Accommodations & adjustments

We’re committed to providing an inclusive and accessible recruiting experience for candidates with disabilities, or other physical or mental health conditions.

If you require an accommodation or adjustment for any part of the application or recruitment process, please let us know by completing our Accommodation Request Form.

Request a Disability Accommodation
  • Skills and experience assessment

    For certain roles, we’ll conduct a Skills Assessment and/or request a business case or work sample.

    Mapping your skills and experience against the requirements of the role helps us understand:

    • How well your experience would fit the role

    • Whether you have the necessary skills to meet the job requirements

    • How you’ve applied your skills in prior experiences

    • This may include technical assessment, business case and/or a work sample

  • Cultural assessment in relation to our Values

    Understanding your work style against our Expedia Group Values helps us understand:

    • Your compatibility and how you’d add to our culture

    • Your approach to mitigating challenging situations

    • Your potential success in the role and impact in the longer term

  • Behavioral interview questions

    Behavioral questions rooted in prior experiences are a great way for us to understand how you behave and think. Your interviews will include behavioral questions modeled on the below:

The Star Technique

  • Situation

    What was the exact situation? Who was involved? Why did the situation happen?

  • Task

    Why were you involved in the task? What is the background story? What did you have to accomplish?

  • Action

    What steps did you take to resolve the situation? Why did you choose to complete the tasks this way?

  • Result

    What was the outcome? How did you feel about the result? What did you learn? How did this influence how you are today?

What to expect

  • Scheduling
    We'll work closely with you to find availability that works for your schedule so you have an opportunity to meet with various Expedians over the course of your interview journey. Timing varies for the length of the interview process, but your recruiter will share specific details around what you can expect, who you’ll be meeting with, and what you’ll need to prepare.
  • Preparing
    Take some time to reflect on your past experience and be prepared to share highlights. Don’t forget to also prepare questions for us—these conversations are a great opportunity for you to ask about what’s important to you. If you’re curious about dress code, anything goes. We tend to lean casual, but feel free to dress in whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable. We’re more interested in what you have to say—not what you’re wearing — and for you to get to know us. We welcome and encourage open dialogue that allows for a fulfilling conversation and an opportunity for you to share your experiences, while also learning more about the role, your team and Expedia Group culture.
  • Post-Interview
    Congrats, your part is done! Now, your recruiting partner will keep you posted on the progress as a potential Expedian. Since all positions and teams are unique, the timeline may vary. Your recruiter will keep you up-to-date on the timeline for decisions and next steps prior to and after your interview.

Inclusion and diversity

We are guided by an inclusive purpose - to strengthen connections, broaden horizons and bridge divides for our employees, partners, customers, and communities.

Travel opens minds and drives better understanding between people from different cultures and identities – something the world needs today like never before. And travel fuels the health of communities that welcome travelers across generations.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, age, disability (physical or mental), sexual orientation, gender identity, parental status, marital status, family status, and beliefs as well as gender expression, mental illness, socioeconomic status or background, neuro(a)typicality, or physical appearance. We’re united by our values, and we celebrate our unique differences.

Let’s build a more open world, together.

Expedia Group is proudly an equal opportunity employer. All are welcome and everyone belongs.

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