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Expedia Group Arrivals: Gordon Beckstead

In our latest edition of Expedia Group Arrivals, we want to extend a warm welcome to Gordon Beckstead, Senior Vice President, Global Tax, based in Seattle!  

After growing up in the mountain west near Idaho and Utah and pursuing a legal education at Brigham Young University, Gordon embarked on his now 30-year tax career spanning both consulting and in-house leadership roles. 

Outside of work, Gordon finds joy and inspiration in spending time with his wife and his four children. Together, they’ve built countless memories cheering each other on at sporting events and exploring the world. 

Gordon and his family in Sedona

Expedia Group has always been a familiar name for me.  My family and I frequently use Expedia or its other brands, like Vrbo, for travel – it’s synonymous with the travel experience. For me, travel is all about creating memories. Some of my fondest memories involve family trips, exploring new places together. 

The opportunity to join a company that facilitates those experiences for others was incredibly exciting. Beyond the company’s mission, I’m also drawn to Expedia Group’s reputation for fostering a strong tax team. One of my core values is continuous learning and growth, and I believe Expedia Group provides the environment to develop professionally. The combination of a talented team, strong leadership, and the potential for growth made this a perfect fit for me. 

As Senior Vice President of Global Tax at Expedia Group, I lead a talented team with a critical two-fold mission: supporting business growth and ensuring global tax compliance. 

On the growth side, we partner closely with business units and finance leaders. My team members are strategic advisors, helping to navigate the complexities of international tax laws to optimize Expedia Group’s expansion around the world. 

The second pillar of our mission is ensuring tax compliance. As new laws and regulations emerge, we work proactively to advise the business on the most efficient and compliant path to maximize revenue and profit in each country. 

Our global reach is essential and having team members around the world allows us to stay current on tax regulations in every market where Expedia Group operates. 

My past experiences have instilled in me two key strengths that I believe will be valuable assets to Expedia Group. First, throughout my career, I’ve built a strong reputation as a tax technical expert. But more importantly, I’ve honed my skills in building and leading high-performing teams. From my experience in public accounting as an advisor to leading and managing internal teams, I understand how to foster collaboration and empower team members to excel. 

Second, I understand the importance of building upon the strong foundation that already exists. My initial focus will be on learning the current processes and the team’s strengths. This collaborative approach will allow me to identify areas where my experience can add value and help the team become even more effective. 

Looking towards the future, I’m excited to help our tax department evolve alongside the ever-changing business and tax landscape. By proactively preparing for the future needs of Expedia Group, we can ensure we’re positioned to navigate these changes effectively and continue to support Expedia Group’s growth. 

My leadership style is all about building relationships and empowering people to succeed. Inspired by servant leadership, I view my role as one of support and nurturing, creating inclusive and respectful environments where everyone feels valued and contributes to our collective ownership. 

Ownership, in my view, goes beyond individual tasks. It’s about fostering a team where everyone is invested in the company’s success and in supporting each other. This aligns perfectly with Expedia Group’s values, particularly ‘trust each other’ and ‘include consciously.’ While simplifying processes and delivering on goals are important, trust is paramount. I strive to build a psychologically safe space where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas, leading to better solutions. After all, great ideas come from diverse and inclusive teams, and leveraging everyone’s experience is key to achieving success together. 

My favorite vacations combine family bonding with exploration. Recently, my son and I participated in a service project in Peru, building schools and sports courts, leaving a lasting impact on the indigenous community. This experience blended with sightseeing, like visiting Machu Picchu, created lasting memories. On another trip, my family enjoyed the outdoors in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with river rafting and Yellowstone adventures. 

These experiences exemplify why I love to travel. Travel goes beyond material possessions; it fosters connections, builds memories, and broadens perspectives, and I’m proud to work for a company that makes it possible. 

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