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Expedia Group Recruiters Share Their Tips, Vol. 2

Numbers speak louder than words

“Being data-driven is one of our 10 Expedia Group Guiding Principles. We look at hundreds of CV every month, some are wordy and some are concise but what will really stand out are numbers/data that articulates your contribution to the business. For example, running a digital campaign that has gained X number of new customers that resulted in X% of growth in a quarter”. Cut the words and replace them with some numbers to quantify your achievements.” – Joe S.  

Don’t overshare in your resume

“If you want your job application to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make it past the gatekeepers into the hiring manager’s hands, avoid this common mistake i.e. sharing too much of information in your resume. Your resume should be precise, concise, highlighting your job achievements and skills, relevant work experience, qualifications and most important exhibiting your strengths that resonates with the job you are applying for. A well-crafted resume is your first face forward to the employer, so it’s very important that you take the time to make sure it looks great.” Rohit A.

Apply first

“Prospective candidates often reach out to recruiters with interest in a specific position but haven’t yet applied to the req on the company’s website or on LinkedIn. Most of my responses are, ‘Thanks for your interest! Please apply online to the job so we can consider you.’ Recruiters have so little time to respond to the many InMails we get from interested candidates that when we do have a little time we beeline to the ones who have already done the heavy lifting. It also follows that busy recruiters will respond to candidates who are specific about what they want (‘I am interested in this position; here’s the number’) over generic requests (‘I like your company; do you have any jobs for me?’).” – Pam P.

Rock your interview with questions

“Interviewing is nerve-racking and sometimes haunts people with an impression of interrogations…but it’s never the truth! Take the interview as a good opportunity to learn more about each other. Interviewers will always save some time for questions and that is when you should have your backhand volley! Either preparing questions before an interview or coming naturally with the flow, you can dig deep in the role, respond to possible concerns or even ask for instructive feedback. Come and get in the driver’s seat, but don’t forget to buckle up and drive steadily; Always ask the right kind of questions, and properly.” Maisie W.

Quantify achievements

“Once you have quantified in results and value to business terms all the points on your CV pick out one standout achievement per role and format your CV so this stands out. I used to put this achievement before any bullet points on my actual day to day job. Think big and ask yourself ‘will anyone else that has a similar job title to me have done the same stuff? What will make me stand out?’  The beauty here is that you can apply this point to whatever role you are seeking.  Is the new role focusing on driving D&I work? Think about grandstanding your achievements on this.  It’s a great way to show consistent growth throughout your CV in this area.” – Adam T.

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