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Life at Expedia Group Prague

With around 600 employees in our Prague, Czech Republic, office, there are plenty of stories to tell. To start with, we’ve caught up with three Expedians to dive into what they enjoy about their roles, life at Expedia Group, and what makes the Prague office unique.

Welcome to Prague, Czech Republic

The Expedia Group Prague office is located in the middle of the city and has wonderful views, along with open space in a building of glass offices. Light is everywhere. As one of our biggest European offices, there are languages from many countries in the office with around 50 different nationalities represented.

Now, let’s meet some of the team.

Andria Ross, Diversity Sourcing Partner

Tell us about your role, and your team

I am on the Diversity Sourcing Team, which sits within the Global Talent Acquisition team, and I am based in our Prague office!  If you think about the recruitment process for a role, I am responsible for the front part.  My responsibilities center around finding, and acquiring, talent for the open roles we have across EMEA, and globally.  In addition, I lead diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives within the recruitment process. I partner with our Talent Sourcers and Recruiters. My days are spent connecting with candidates to learn more about their key skills, which is my favorite part of the role – forming deep relationships with candidates! There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a candidate I sourced has accepted a role with us.

What’s the best thing about working in the EG Prague office?

The Prague office is cool because you can find people from all corners of the globe! The diversity is rich, and it’s so much fun to meet and learn about colleagues from different backgrounds. For example, last year an IBG (Inclusion Business Group) lead from Brazil hosted a Carnival celebration for the office, it was so much fun! Another great perk includes the gorgeous office space. The conference rooms are themed after cities around the world, and there are even beds for napping. I always find myself excited to be in the Prague office space, and for me, it’s certainly a space that promotes creativity.

Tell us about a recent project you’ve been working on

I’ve been involved in an amazing initiative focused on disability inclusion in hiring. With this project, we designed recruitment strategies in nine countries to better align with local disability hiring requirements.  As a result, I have been the Lead for disability inclusion in hiring for both Italy and the Czech Republic. My work on this project has included meeting with the President of the Czech National Disability Council and connecting with other great services within the disability community. This feels like an appropriate time to mention that Expedia Group was awarded “One of the Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion” through DisabilityIN’s Disability Equality Index.

What do you think makes Expedia Group unique?

The culture is truly second to none in my opinion! And I genuinely mean that! I joined Expedia Group with extremely high hopes. Usually I try to better manage my expectations, but this one got away from me.  After seeing the original role posted, I did a deep dive into Expedia Group. I read the Inclusion & Diversity report from top to bottom. I learned about EG’s Values and explored every inch the Expedia Group careers website had to offer. I was Sold!  What I found was a company with very similar beliefs to myself, and a workplace that truly encourages everyone to bring their most authentic self to work every day. Fast forward two years, and I have been completely blown away!  My expectations have been exceeded, and I can honestly say that I am so proud to work for Expedia Group. 

How have you been involved in one of our Inclusion Business Groups? 

Inclusion Business Groups (IBGs) were one of the first things I signed up for after joining EG. This year I have led the Prague Pride IBG, and what a year it has been! 

Pride serves to foster a positive environment for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies through support, development, engagement and advocacy. 

There has been a lot happening in this space, and we’ve had so much fun along the way. The Prague Pride IBG and Expedia Group have been recognized at the US Ambassador’s Residence as an inclusive employer here in Prague, in addition to participating in an event at the British Embassy.  We have also attended networking events in honor of the office’s Pride Month in June and Prague’s Pride Month in August. However, my highlight of the year was walking in the Prague Pride Parade! This was the first year the office officially registered to walk, and there were around 100 people in total representing Expedia Group in Prague.  We had a fabulous day filled with Pride!  

Rashid Quindica, Senior Statutory Accountant

Tell us about your role, and your team

I am working as a Senior Statutory Accountant for EMEA and APAC entities with currently 6 amazing teammates of different background. Our team handles liaise with local accountants, lawyers, tax authorities and many others in order to furnish a report is needed on a periodic basis for Statutory or Local reporting purposes of the Expedia Companies we handle.

Tell us about a recent project you’ve been working on

I led an automation project (through Alteryx) which I am very much pleased to be assigned of as I am able to apply not only my technical skills but also my proficiency in automation tools. This automation process will help our team to perform analysis faster than usual in just a matter of seconds.

What do you think makes EG unique?

People seem to work harmoniously by trusting each other to do their own responsibilities – and that is something I personally value because I think it is an effective way of working together.

What’s the best thing about working in the EG Prague office?

Working with helpful, intelligent and amazing colleagues – and of course, having coffee breaks with them!

Amer Pirija, Senior Statutory Accountant

Tell us about your role and your team?

Hi, I am Amer and it is my pleasure to give you an overview of what I am doing at Expedia Group. I am working as a Senior Accountant II in EG’s Prague office in the Statutory Accounting team and we are responsible for global statutory financial reporting of EG entities in EMEA and APAC region. We essentially ensure the financial compliance of a specific EG entity in a specific country. Our team members are located in various EG offices across the world, and what makes this international and multicultural team unique is that we are all functioning as a one team.

Tell us about a project you have been working on?

Recently my colleagues, and I, have been working on a project related to the automation of the manual task, that helps us process the data we use in financial reporting, faster. Aside from that I am also involved in VAT compliance process of several APAC entities as well as in planning process for the global statutory financial reporting.

What do you think makes EG unique?

I definitely have to say that it is more than just a regular job, we are all here like a big family. I think the values of Expedia Group, the feeling of belonging, and supportiveness is something that makes a EG such a great and unique place to work.

What is the best thing about working in the EG Prague office?

I really like the multicultural environment. In our finance team we have people from all over the world. The beautiful EG Prague office is also located in the Prague downtown – Karlin – a nice and vibrant business area.

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