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Introducing BEEP

Introducing BEEP, an Expedia Group Business Resource Group that fosters mentorship, partnership, and empowerment of Black Employees within Expedia Group to be an inspiration to the company, each other, and to our community. We hear from Deja Hunt, Associate Market Manager and President of the Beep Leadership team…. How big is the BEEP community? How many […]

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Introducing eLatinos

When, how and why was eLatinos founded at Expedia Group? Expedia Latinos was founded around four years ago, initially from the need to connect with other Latinos and allies and to create a place where we all belong and can do our best work as a result of it. However, what started as an intrinsic […]

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Introducing AIM

The AIM (ability inclusion movement) Business Resource Group (BRG) may be the most recent BRG to be set up within Expedia but it has also had tremendous success in a short amount of time and is setting a blueprint on how best to set up a BRG! We hear from the Founder and President and […]

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Introducing GUIDE

GUIDE is one of Expedia Group’s oldest Business Resource Groups with a history dating back over 10 years! It is here to support a positive environment for LGBTQIA employees and allies across Expedia Group and has almost 1000 members – fundamentally they are here so everyone can bring their whole self to work every day. […]

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‘Leading through Allyship’ Panel at Expedia Group London

After rave reviews from Expedia Group’s keynote at Women of Silicon Roundabout London 2019 on ‘Mindset Shift: Igniting Inclusion through Allyship’, we decided to welcome attendees to the Expedia Group offices to continue discussions on the fascinating topic of allyship. This time focusing on ‘Leading through Allyship’. To begin with what is an ally; ‘An […]

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Introducing ACE

This is the first in a series of blogs introducing Expedia Group’s Business Resource Group. ​We know that it takes an eclectic group of travel fanatics to drive innovation and remain a dominant force in the travel industry and be an employer of choice. We want the best-of-the-best from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and […]

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Why recruiting and building powerful teams is so important

Lisa Cutmore | Engineering Manager in Brisbane My job as a manager is to move the team towards it’s most optimal working state. An open headcount doesn’t help the team move forward and having a misformed team is even more costly. I am also a firm believer that the power of a group has the […]

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Queer in Tech — A safe space to hack!

Mindy Jhakra | Manager, Technology Safe. Humbled. Proud. Those are a couple of sentiments shared by those that attended an LGBTQIA+ Hackathon last month. Pride is often marked by corporate rainbow-washing and endurance partying, but this event felt different. Using Tech for Good was the main purpose for us: build stuff to help the LGBTQIA+ community. In […]

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Talking about Diversity and Inclusion – My Story…

Sarah Liotto | Support Coordinator in Rome “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein Writing, reading, and traveling are my passions. Thankfully, I have the opportunity to use them every day at Expedia Group, where I’ve worked since 2011 knowing that we share the same underlying values. Expedia Group promotes travel and creativity to all, […]

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Why belonging at work is important

Being anything other than yourself is an unnecessary barrier to fast decision making and driving meaningful progress.

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