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Recognizing Tina Hodges for Diversity and Tech Leadership Excellence

Tina Hodges | Director, HR We asked Tina Hodges, about her passions and how she got to where she is today. She will be receiving the Leadership Excellence in Technology award at the virtual National Diversity & Leadership Conference this week. Congratulations on the award! Please could you tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to a career in […]

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Expedia Group Media Solutions Celebrated 20 Years in 2020

While 2020 is an interesting year to celebrate anything, let alone a company milestone, 2020 is the 20th year of Expedia Group Media Solutions. Media Solutions, or “MeSo” as they refer to themselves internally, is the advertising organization of Expedia Group that connects brands with our highly engaged travel shoppers. MeSo provides 20 unique advertising solutions for industry partners ranging from sponsored listings […]

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Expedia Group Austin Competes in the Virtual Catalyst Games

For the past few years, members of our Austin Expedia Group team have competed in the Catalyst Games, which is an exciting day of games where local company teams compete to raise funds for select nonprofit organizations. The Austin team has won first place for the past two years, but COVID threw a wrench in the plans for the latest Catalyst […]

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Vrbo Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

This year Vrbo celebrated its 25th anniversary with travelers, partners and employees! It has been a busy quarter of a century for Vrbo, embarking on a rewarding journey to become a world leader in the vacation rental space. We take a look at how the team celebrated the achievement and how they continue to connect with the Vrbo community. […]

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Virtual Event Recap – Inclusion, Innovation and the Future of Travel

Earlier this month, we held two virtual tech panel events for our global audiences. The event focused on “Inclusion, Innovation and the Future of Travel” and we featured six of our Expedia Group leaders from Geneva, London, Gurgaon, Seattle and Chicago. They shared their insights on what it’s like to work at Expedia Group, what […]

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Global Ambassador Spotlight: Kristen Weber on Inclusion and Community Impact

In June of 2019, 11 Expedians participated in our Global Ambassador Program. The program gives employees the opportunity to visit a challenged destination, immersing them in the local culture to understand how we can help support tourism and sustainable living in the area. This past year, employees visited Puerto Rico and St. John, U.S. Virgin […]

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International Women’s Day Speaker Spotlight: Demi Kavaratzis

Demi Kavaratzis | Director, Transport Partner Services in Sydney In celebration of International Women’s Day, Demi will be speaking at A Force For Good events in Australia and New Zealand. The annual event features change-makers in the travel industry sharing stories and perspectives on how they have helped drive inclusion and diversity. Demi’s topic is […]

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Machine Learning at Expedia Group; lessons learnt and more

In the first few weeks of the year, Aida Mashkouri Najafi and I (Katrina Soderquest) presented at the January session of the London Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup group. We both Lead Data Scientists within the EG Data Science Centre of Excellence and previously, data science team. Between us, we presented a range of thoughts on careers in general and opportunities & projects within Expedia Group [EG].

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Data in action @ the Tableau ’19 Conference

A few weeks ago, 20+ Expedians joined forces from London, Austin and Seattle to attend the biggest Data event in the world – the Tableau Conference.  Ayo Taiwo – Director, Business Intelligence Expedia Group and David Pires – Sr Manager, Data Visualisation Expedia Group were among the lucky Expedians who attended the conference and have […]

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YOW Australia Speaker Spotlight: Matt Callanan

Matt Callanan | Senior Software Dev Engineer in Brisbane Matt Callanan, Senior Software Dev Engineer at Expedia Group, is speaking at YOW! conferences in Australia. Matt will be speaking about “Automating Operations with Machine Learning” in all three cities – Sydney (Friday, 6th December at 11:30), Brisbane (Tuesday, 10th December at 11:30) and Melbourne (Friday, […]

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