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Event Spotlight: Powering the Future of Travel as a Latina in Tech

As we prepare for our “Powering the Future of Travel as a Latina in Tech” panel with Latinas in Tech, we wanted to spotlight our amazing panelists. To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we asked them: “How has your cultural identity shaped you and your career?” Cristina Alcocer, Senior Manager, Product Management, Chicago “I’ve been living […]

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HerRising Speaker Spotlight: Alka Goel

Alka Goel is a senior engineering leader at Expedia Group and she will be speaking at this year’s HerRising 2021. Register here. Please share more about yourself and your role within Expedia Group. I am Alka Goel, Director of Technology, at Expedia Group (EG) with over 29 years of industry experience. I joined EG about […]

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Event Spotlight: MeetHer India

When passion meets technology great things happen.  Expedia Group is hosting its first-ever MeetHer event with JobsForHer for women professionals looking to scale up their careers. Join industry experts who are on a mission to make travel better with technology. At Expedia Group, you are welcome to embrace your passions, as they believe that the […]

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DevOps India Summit Speaker Spotlight: Vaibhav Chopra

Vaibhav Chopra is an Engineering Leader, DevOps at Expedia Group – Development, Platform and Marketplaces. He is speaking this year at DevOps India Summit 2021. Register here. Please share more about yourself and your role within Expedia Group. I am a passionate Agile leader, DevOps Technologist, community speaker and a seasoned blogger driving runtime Compute […]

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Women in Tech Online Festival: Closing the Gap and Managing Culture

Laura Cuello | Director, Account Management When we think of Expedia, we all think of our (much-missed, in the past year!) holidays, travel with family, taking the road, visiting new places, wanderlust… yet I also think of innovation, interconnected platforms, open-source, code, artificial intelligence, chatbots… that is because we see ourselves as a tech company […]

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Women in Tech Online Festival: Why are we still talking about women in STEM?

Isabelle Bentley | Product Analyst In our everyday lives, we encounter examples of failures of representation and accredited success of the women’s achievements. Many may believe due to the current state of the tech industry with 77% of tech director roles filled by men, that men may have an aptitude for programming and tech in […]

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WiT Online Festival Speaker Spotlight: Cintia Tavella

Cintia O. Tavella | Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Seattle Cintia is a Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships at Expedia Partner Services (EPS). She is speaking at this year’s Women in Technology Online Festival Jun 7-11, 2021. Catch Cintia speaking about ‘COVID, Tech and Diversity & Inclusion’ on Thu, June 10. Please tell us more about yourself. […]

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Latinas in Tech Summit

We’re proud to have been part of the Latinas in Tech (LiT) Summit this month. This is the first year we’ve participated as a Gold-level sponsor and it was an honor to be a part of this wonderful event! Over 1,400 people attended this year’s Summit – topics included innovating equity, demystifying corporate culture, addressing […]

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Latinas in Tech Summit Speaker Spotlight: Emily Vignaux

Emily Vignaux, Director of Technology, Chicago How did you get into the field of technology? In grade school, I had a strong passion for math which led to technology and enrolling in a Computer Science class in high school. After completing the course, I was curious and wanted to learn more about how computer hardware […]

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Recognizing Tina Hodges for Diversity and Tech Leadership Excellence

Tina Hodges | Director, HR We asked Tina Hodges, about her passions and how she got to where she is today. She will be receiving the Leadership Excellence in Technology award at the virtual National Diversity & Leadership Conference this week. Congratulations on the award! Please could you tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to a career in […]

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