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Reflections from Latinas in Tech Summit 2024

By Veronica Reyes

Expedian Veronica in front of Latinas in Tech "Her Tech, Her Future" sign
Veronica at the Latinas in Tech Summit

Hey everyone, Veronica Reyes here, Program Manager III at Expedia Group for the past 8 years! I’m also a proud Mexican-American and a huge advocate for Latinas in tech. 

In 2017, four colleagues and I founded the Chicago chapter of LEAD (Latinx at Expedia Group & Allies for Development). Since then, I’ve had the privilege of leading the chapter as president since 2021. It’s been incredibly rewarding to connect with the Latinx community in our industry through a variety of events, fostering both professional development and a sense of belonging. From after-work recruiting sessions to volunteering and fundraising for non-profits, these events have created a space where we can empower each other and give back.

Building on that sense of community, I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend the 2024 Latinas in Tech Summit in San Francisco, and let me tell you, it was an experience I will hold dear to my heart.

A Celebration of Latinas in Tech 

The summit provided a powerful platform for Latinas to share their stories, expertise, and insights. Panels, keynote speeches, and workshops led by Latina professionals ensured their voices were heard and their experiences celebrated. 

The atmosphere at the summit was electric. It was a space filled with positivity, empowerment, and a strong sense of community. Latinas from all over the tech industry came together to celebrate their achievements, support each other, and push for a more inclusive and equitable future. 

The summit also offered fantastic networking opportunities. From structured sessions to casual meetups at booths, there were so many ways to connect and build relationships with other Latinas in the tech industry. It was fantastic to network with fellow Latinas, especially those who shared my Program Manager background. 

Expedia Group Shines Bright 

Expedia Group had a phenomenal presence at the summit, involving panelists, workshop leaders, talent acquisition team members, and LEAD global board chairs. On the expo floor, we had a sleek booth that stole the show with our vibrant “Latina and Well-Traveled” branding, unique merch, and OneKeyCash giveaways.

We also had 5 Expedians featured in the summit programming! Kathy Martinez, Vice President of Disability Inclusion and Melissa Cano, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist we’re on the panel “HER JOURNEY: Building A Tech Talent Strategy For The Future”. They were able to share how EG is prioritizing diversity and inclusion to enrich our tech talent ecosystem.

Then Claudia Valecillos, Director of Software Development Engineering, Fabio Sacoman, Senior Director of Learning and Development, and Alejandro Villarreal, Director of Partner Connect led an interactive session called “Crafting Compelling Narratives: A Data Storytelling Workshop.” The workshop equipped participants with tangible skills to transform raw data into captivating narratives that resonate with audiences.

It was truly inspiring to see our company so well-represented alongside other leading tech companies. 

Key Learnings and Inspiration 

The summit offered a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Talks from Karla Souza, the Mexican-American actress, and Elena Gomez, CFO of Toast, were particularly some my favorites.

Throughout the sessions, I learned the importance of self-belief and pushing beyond the limitations of the glass ceiling. This revelation inspired me to shift paradigms, commit to continuous learning, and embrace my culture always. 

Here are some key takeaways I’ll carry with me: 

  • Embrace your culture. 
  • Be your authentic self. 
  • Own your presence in every room. 
  • Leverage your unique talents. 
  • Bring your “Latinaness” wherever you go. 

The Impact & Call to Action

Rocio, Founder & CEO of Latinas in Tech, presenting
Rocio, Founder/CEO of Latinas in Tech, presenting during the opening ceremony

Being around so many successful Latinas in tech had a profound impact on me. Their stories of resilience and achievements inspire me to aim higher. It was a powerful reminder that with hard work and support, anything is possible. This experience solidified my belief in myself and left me feeling more confident and driven to succeed in tech, while also inspiring others along the way. 

While I’m proud to be a Latina in tech, discovering that only 2% of the Latina population works in tech was a wake-up call. I’m eager to get more involved in recruiting efforts, college outreach, and internal panels to share my story as a Latina in tech.

Latinas in Tech Summit: A Must-Attend 

Members of LEAD

For any Latina considering attending next year’s Latinas in Tech Summit, I say this: seize the opportunity! It’s an incredible way to connect with other Latina professionals, gain valuable insights, and take your career to the next level. 

Come prepared to learn, network, and share your stories. Remember, you belong here, and your voice matters. And never forget, as Elena Gomez perfectly phrased it, “Capitalize on your Uniqueness!” 

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Expedia Group is a proud sponsor of Latinas in Tech Summit 2024. We’re thrilled to celebrate our community and the power of being Latina and well-traveled at this event. If you’d like access to our latest opportunities, events, interview advice, and global insights from our Expedia Group leaders, join our Career Network by signing up here!

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