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The Ability Inclusion Movement at Expedia Group with Madrid Chapter Lead, Sonia Carro

Sonia Carro is a Manager in the Global Talent Acquisition team and joined Expedia Group in 2017. Based in the Madrid office, Sonia combines her passion for making a positive difference in people’s careers, with an ambition to create an inclusive environment, and to support people with disabilities and their caregivers, by being a Chapter Lead for AIM (Ability Inclusion Movement at Expedia Group) in Madrid.

Read on to find out more about Sonia’s role at EG, what she enjoys about working in the Madrid office, and why she wanted to be a Chapter Lead for AIM.

Headshot of Sonia, wearing a white top with a light blue background.

Headshot of Sonia, wearing a white top with a light blue background.

Sonia Carro, Manager, Global Talent Acquisition, Madrid, Spain

AIM (Ability Inclusion Movement at Expedia Group) is an Inclusion Business Group (IBG), a strategic, self-organized, Inclusion & Diversity team sponsored community focused on advancing inclusion, awareness, development, and a sense of belonging for underrepresented groups at Expedia Group.

AIM promotes a culture where people with disabilities have a safe space, feel a sense of belonging, and can advocate for and achieve their full potential at Expedia Group. The group creates an environment where every person – regardless of disability status – is strong, safe, empowered and heard.

I work as a Manager in the Global Talent Acquisition (GTA) team, and I am based in Madrid, Spain. I’ve been at Expedia Group (EG) for over 6 years. GTA is part of the People Team, and we focus on recruiting the best talent for EG. I really like that we have an impact on all teams and divisions, across our global offices. I have been working in talent acquisition for almost 10 years, it is my passion. We can change people’s lives in a positive way.

Each day in this role is very different but some typical ways I spend my days include: meetings with my direct reports, my manager and colleagues, discussing hiring strategies, recruitment projects, working with the operations team to improve the way we operate, designing new processes, as well as working with our I&D colleagues to improve our inclusion and diversity efforts when hiring. I also partner with business leaders to understand their needs and design recruitment plans accordingly.

Not all disabilities are visible, and there are lots of misconceptions around it. We can all be part of this group at some point in our live. I think there is a lot of education needed. I am particularly sensitive to mental disabilities and have always wanted to contribute and support, so the AIM IBG gives me the space to do that.

I’m really pleased to be one of our Chapter Leads for AIM Madrid, and my goal is to help create an inclusive environment and support people with disabilities and their caregivers. As for our responsibilities, we work on raising employee awareness; and try to ensure that anyone with a disability or caregiver feels included at EG, and is supported in their career progression.

The AIM Madrid Chapter started in 2023, and we have already organized many events!

  • Together with the Asian Community at EG with organised a sound healing event with Tibetan bowls, to look after our mental health
  • We organised several awareness sessions where we invited persons with disabilities (PWD) to the office to share their inspiring stories. Miriam Fernández, actress and singer, came last December and we learnt a lot from her about perseverance, strength, and ability to overcome obstacles
  • We organised workshops to train persons with disabilities in career pathing, such as CV preparation. Moreover, as I am also part of Global Talent Acquisition, I have facilitated a training to our EG interviewers to support them and train them on inclusive hiring techniques

It is a beautiful office! The second floor has just been refurbished and we have a lovely space to host events, have lunch, coffees with colleagues, and so on. The views are great and if it is sunny (almost every day in Madrid) you can enjoy the nice weather and blue skies while you eat. It certainly helps me to relax, and recharge for the rest of the day. Back indoors, I also like the standing desks, they are very convenient, as you can always adjust the height to your needs, and we now have plants in the office! A green touch to the office really makes it feel warmer and more cosy.

Our culture is centred on our people, we care about our employees having a rich and fulfilling career, as well as making sure our travellers have unforgettable experiences. I’ve always found that EG is open and friendly. It’s a fast paced, dynamic culture, so you never get bored! We always go the extra mile, going to get what’s next (one of our values) and we constantly focus on improving what we do.

I love healthy eating, reading, going for walks in the nature, going to museums and exhibitions (especially ones related to fashion)… but the thing I love the most is traveling!!! This year I have started strong, I have already visited 5 new countries, within Africa, Europe and Asia!

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