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How we drive Inclusion and Diversity in Expedia Group

2020 raised a lot of questions and discussions on the topic of Inclusion & Diversity, a topic that proved to be near and dear to Expedians. But how do we really make a difference and drive change in the workplace?   The 2020 Inclusion & Diversity Analytics Hackathon is one initiative that brought together teams and individuals in EG who wanted to drive positive, proactive and practical action to improve Expedia […]

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Top Blog Posts of 2020

What’s life at Expedia Group like? It’s an endless adventure, full of opportunity, new experiences, meaningful bonds, and rewarding relationships. Here are the top 10 blog posts from 2020, sharing the work, the wins and the worldviews of our people. 1. CEO Peter Kern Letter to Employees —— 2. Expedia Group commits to creating lasting […]

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Software Development Careers – Meet Mannan

It’s difficult not to marvel at Mannan’s committed focus on solving problems for our customers, often through improvements to their user experience. In this blog post we find out how Mannan has flexed his coding superpowers in his first two years at Expedia Group. What does your typical work day look like? Since COVID-19, my […]

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What I learned during my virtual internship with Expedia Group

Betty Jamieson | Analytics Intern When I found out I had been invited to an assessment day with Expedia Group (EG) I was unsure what to do as I had just booked a holiday to Spain for the same dates – I couldn’t decide whether or not I should fly home for the interview. However, […]

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Making Travel Awesome for People with Disabilities

Shouvik Mukhopadhyay | Software Dev Engineer “The one argument for accessibility that doesn’t get made nearly often enough is how extraordinarily better it makes some people’s lives. How many opportunities do we have to dramatically improve people’s lives just by doing our job a little better?”  ― Steve Krug We seldom realize we have the […]

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John Kim’s Product Mastery Class

Our Tech & Product Learning & Development team’s mission is to elevate the skills and capabilities of employees who develop, test, design, launch, and market Expedia Groups’s products for our customers and partners. They design and deliver enriching and inclusive experiences that empower EG’s talent to grow and evolve their careers. This summer, our President […]

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How to keep young at heart in a corporate function

Apple Capezzera | Recruiter, Early Careers in London “I can’t believe you’re still in graduate recruitment” – An ex colleague told me this sentence this evening and that got me thinking. Yes, I’ve been working in that function for about 5 years. Would I ever have imagined this when I was a young girl? Probably […]

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Software Development Careers at Expedia Group – Meet Shashank

Shashank has grown his tech career from being an SDE to now a software architect in a little under six years. Working on complex problems is one of his motivations and passions. With the unique opportunities that he’s had at Expedia Group, he is always growing and learning from his teammates. He’s even participated in […]

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Introducing SAGE

Introducing SAGE (Sustainable & Green at Expedia Group), an Expedia Group Employee Resource Group with the vision to improve the understanding of sustainability throughout Expedia Group in support of EG’s Sustainable Development Goals. We hear from Melody Kirkwagner, Program Manager and the Global Lead for SAGE. When, how and why was SAGE founded at Expedia […]

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Software Development Careers at Expedia Group – Meet Anna

Between her full-time role as a UI developer, Code Nation volunteer, and her world travels, Anna is always learning and improving her life. She’s been working at Expedia Group for almost five years, and has made self-improvement a priority in her life, whether it’s personally or professionally. Continue reading to find out how she juggles […]

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