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Career Check-In with Pim de Schepper

Pim de Schepper | Director, Market Management in Berlin We loved discovering Pim’s wonderful energy and optimistic view of the world, and of work. Read our refreshing conversation with Pim as he shared his determined focus to find ways to optimize, and help Expedia Group thrive. Having lived in many different countries, Pim is certainly […]

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Career Check-In with Alex McMahon

Alex McMahon | Sr. Manager, UX Design Tell us a little about your role and your team. I am the Senior UX manager for the lodging native apps team. I have been with Expedia Group for 3 years. I’m fortunate to manage a team of 2 amazing UX designers. Our goal is to create a […]

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Starting my Product Management Internship Virtually

Nicole Fung | Product Management Industrial Placement In just a few months, Nicole has made a great impact in her role as Product Manager Intern. Nicole shares some wonderful insight into what responsibilities and opportunities a role in Product Management offers, as well as the regular support she receives from her mentor. Find out exactly […]

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Expedia Group Arrivals: Mel Angerson

Mel Angerson | Senior Director, Early Careers We’re thrilled to welcome you to the first installment of our “Expedia Group Arrivals” blog series! In these conversations we will introduce new leaders who have recently joined our mission, to bring the world within reach. We will discover what brought them to Expedia Group, their ambition for […]

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Continuous learning and a love of travel! Wiebke’s career journey.

Wiebke Kallabis | Market Associate, Lodging Well-travelled Wiebke shares why she feels so connected to the long-term goals of Expedia Group and how the working culture has supported her development and enjoyment in the role. Having experienced being a part of several teams as part of her career journey, read on to find out Wiebke’s […]

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Partner Success Manager Careers at Expedia Group – Meet Robert

We took some time to get to know Robert, and discovered his enthusiasm for building rapport with our partners and to drive their revenue opportunities. Read about how teamwork is crucial to the success of his colleagues, for himself, and Expedia Group. Tell us a little about your role and your team. I’m a Senior […]

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Partner Success Manager Careers at Expedia Group – Meet Paula

There’s nothing quite like your work family! Paula really enjoys the bond she’s developed with her team during her time at Expedia Group. Learning from others has helped Paula to thrive on the challenge of working in a fast-paced environment, read on to find out how. Tell us a little about your role and your […]

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How a role outside my comfort zone set me up for further success

Joe had a more intriguing introduction to life at Expedia Group than most but couldn’t be happier with what is only the start of his journey here. Discover how Joe overcame challenges and has embraced the ‘safe-to-fail’ approach and managed to find the right fit for him. I joined Expedia Group in Brisbane back in […]

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Software Development Careers – Meet Mannan

It’s difficult not to marvel at Mannan’s committed focus on solving problems for our customers, often through improvements to their user experience. In this blog post we find out how Mannan has flexed his coding superpowers in his first two years at Expedia Group. What does your typical work day look like? Since COVID-19, my […]

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Software Development Careers – Meet Digvijay

Based in Gurgaon, Digvijay joined Expedia Group back in 2017. He finds great job satisfaction to be part of a global team that makes an impact on our travelers’ lives. Read more about Digvijay’s reflections of his career at Expedia Group. Tell us a little about your role and your team. I am a Big […]

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