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Leading for Change: Cultural Diversity Talks

In 2019, we launched a volunteer program for Expedia Group employees to get involved in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives under the name “Leading for Change.” Examples of volunteer-led projects included a fortnight full of speakers and workshops, speed-mentoring sessions with senior leaders, cultural diversity talks, ally skills workshops, internal blogs, and resource guides. Cultural […]

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One Year at Expedia

Prachi Garg | Sr. Technical Program Manager in Gurgaon “Welcome to Expedia”. I still recall those words and that moment, when my recruiter congratulated me on making it to Expedia. Since working at Expedia would have been my first experience in a product company, I too had reservations about the working culture, the people with […]

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Which Guiding Principle is the most important?

Nick Andrews | Senior Director, Market Mangement in Bangkok, Thailand Our Guiding Principles inspire us to do great work every day in Expedia Group, we talk about them a lot and so I’m often asked which Guiding Principle is the most important. In reality, they all are important since together they shape how we work – […]

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