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Voices of Change: Samantha Lopez

The Voices of Change Inclusion Business Group leader series amplifies stories of individuals leading and making a change at Expedia Group through their IBG community work and beyond

Portrait by Phil Dunlop –

Samantha Lopez is a Texan Chicana (Mexican-American) and serves as the Global Communications Chair for the Latinx at Expedia & allies for development (LEAD) inclusion business group. Based in Austin, Texas, she has been an Expedian for 4 years and currently works as Digital Channels Manager.

Outside of work, Sam has an extensive background in the nonprofit sector working with marginalized groups for organizations like Latinitas, Inc. and San Anto Cultural Arts. She is also the co-founder Tejanas in Film, a filmmaker collective focused on the representation of Latinas in front of and behind the scenes.

How has your background shaped your values, beliefs and who you are today? 

I come from humble beginnings. My mother is an immigrant from Mexico, and my parents had me very young. We had a multigenerational household, as many Mexican-American families do, and I attribute a lot of my values to that dynamic. It instilled in me that family and community are extremely important, and this carries through to all of the work that I do.

What inspired you to become a part of the LEAD leadership board? 

LEAD 2023 Global Board Members | Photo by Owen Billcliffe –

During the pandemic, I volunteered as an Ally Skills Facilitator, which allowed me to learn about allyship and teach others how to demonstrate it at work. I also participated in several other inclusion and diversity initiatives focused on creating safe spaces and a better overall place to work.

Seeking to connect with others who share my identity, I joined the board of the local Austin chapter of LEAD to formalize my leadership in this area. When a position opened on the global board, I eagerly applied, drawn to the existing board members and eager to learn from them. It has been a wonderful experience cultivating communities across the globe with LEAD.

What’s an example of a time when you led a change initiative that benefitted your underrepresented community? 

I have a background in film production, so outside of my work at Expedia Group, I do a lot of work focused on representation in media. Seven years ago, I co-founded Tejanas in Film, an artist collective with two other filmmakers. We prioritize cultural identity and gender equality in our efforts to cultivate community and creativity, improve visibility, and increase our representation on-screen and within the industry. Our group continues to grow, and we have worked with several significant partners to further our mission throughout the years.

How has supporting the LEAD community changed your personal journey for the better? 

Working with such a connected, global company and a group like LEAD has helped me further define my own identity and explore the identities of others. There is so much rich history and cultural diversity in the Latinx community globally, and it is a complex and ongoing conversation about who we are as a community and how we can honor the nuances of our intersecting identities.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to become more involved in supporting an underrepresented community or IBG? 

Just start. Come in with an open heart, and you’ll be able to connect on a deeper level than just through performative actions. The more we can work together with compassion and empathy, the further we’ll all get as a whole, especially in the workplace. One small gesture, like acknowledging the need for accessibility accommodations, using gender-affirming pronouns, or simply asking others for their input, can be the difference between your colleagues feeling a sense of belonging or feeling completely silenced. Juntos for change, Juntos for action. 

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