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Career Check-in with Alisa Sudarma: Life as a new mother with a new role at Expedia Group

Alisa, joined Expedia Group in December 2017, and currently works in our Tokyo, Japan, office as a Associate Recruiter. Alisa has had an incredible journey in her time at Expedia Group so far, having relocated from the Bali, Indonesia, office, to Okinawa, Japan, and is now in Tokyo. A true traveler at heart! As well […]

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A First Mother’s Day: Stephanie Rodriguez on New Parenthood & Expedia Group’s Support

Stephanie Rodriguez is a Senior PR Manager based in Florida driving impactful communications for Expedia Group for the past 3 years. As part of the B2B Corporate Communications team, she orchestrates strategic initiatives that champion Expedia Group’s innovative, traveler-centric approach for various audiences, including travelers, partners, and the tech industry. When Stephanie isn’t crafting strategic […]

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Meet Nick Dallett – Expedia Group’s 2023 Social Impact Volunteer of the Year

Nick Dallett, a Senior Software Engineering Manager based in Seattle, leads a six-person team responsible for cloud resiliency within reliability engineering and operations. Beyond work, Nick is passionate about giving back to the community. He consistently volunteers once a week throughout the year and logged an impressive 89 hours while maximizing our company’s volunteer match […]

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Africa

By Kira West, Global Inclusive Marketing & Social Impact Brands Lead and Black Expedia Allied Movement President So you want to travel to Africa but you don’t know where to begin? I just got back from an epic trip to several countries on the continent so I got you! Embarking on a journey to Africa […]

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Balancing Motherhood and Work: Challenges, Triumphs, and Empowerment

By Divya Gupta Arora, Manager, Software Development Engineering As a woman engineering manager at Expedia Group, my journey through the dynamic landscape of technology has been interwoven with the joys and complexities of motherhood. In this blog, I share my personal story, and shed light on the ways Expedia Group supports mothers. My Personal Story: […]

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EG Out of Office: Account Manager & Triathlete Quentin Grieu

Introducing our new travel series featuring how Expedians spend their days out of the office!  Quentin Grieu, a French native and Seattle-based Senior Account Manager at Expedia Group, knows the importance of meticulous preparation. His role involves working with airline partners around the world and requires careful planning and thoughtful strategy. Outside of his day-to-day […]

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Creating an Inclusive Workplace: Expedia Group’s Supportive Benefits & Sponsorship of the Inclusive Careers Fair in Singapore

At Expedia Group, we believe in the power of inclusivity and are dedicated to creating a more open world, where everyone can thrive regardless of their identity. As part of our commitment, we offer a range of supportive benefits for our employees, including: These are just a few examples of the many benefits we provide […]

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Early Careers: Check-In with Software Developer Jenna Gallagher

Jenna Gallagher joined Expedia Group in 2022 and recently completed the Expedia Group Graduate Program as a Software Developer. Before finishing the program, we caught up with Jenna to learn more about her experience with the program. One highlight is that Jenna was able to bring her Dad over to Europe from South Africa for […]

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Navigating the Software Engineering Landscape: Insights from Hiking

Harita Tipparaju | Senior Manager, Software Development Engineering Hello there! I am Harita Tipparaju, Senior Manager, Software Development Engineering with the Intelligent Services and Retail Affiliates group within Expedia Group. I’ve been with Expedia Group for 6+ years and I’ve been fortunate to be part of several initiatives and helped launch various successful projects. Our […]

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Black & Well-Traveled: Running, Wellness and Community  

Discover how two Expedia Group leaders find community in wellness and how their company enables them to expand their horizons and invests in them crossing finish lines around the world.

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