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My Career Journey at Expedia Group

Nicole Grieble | Director, Software Development Engineering My career journey at Expedia Group (EG) has centered around one of EG’s core values – “Choose Fearlessly.” It’s something I do every day, but there were a few key moments where doing so helped define the engineer and leader I am today.  My journey at EG started […]

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Career Check-in: Jackie Olivier

Jackie Olivier | Data Engineer III, Brisbane, Australia I joined Expedia Group for a 3-month contract when I was 25 weeks pregnant with my last child.  I was shocked and amazed that they went ahead with the interview after I told the recruiter I was pregnant, and even more surprised when she advised me that […]

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Career Check-in: Manisha Goyal

Manisha Goyal | Senior Manager, Software Development Engineering, Gurgaon India ‘Travel is a force for good’ I joined Expedia Group in 2020, as an Engineering Manager for the Ordering Team in Gurgaon. I was amazed at the level at which Expedia Group was known for its great work culture. There is a love for travel […]

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Career Check-in: Radhika Murali

Radhika Murali | Software Development Engineer III, Gugaon India I’m a Software Development Engineer III based in India, leading a young, enthusiastic team of five members. My team owns a set of crucial microservices that enable the booking process at Expedia Group. I joined Expedia in 2019 as a Software Development Engineer I for the […]

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Career Check-in: Vinitha Mathew

Vinitha Mathew | Senior Manager, Software Development Engineering, Gurgaon India I joined Expedia Group a little over 5 years ago as an Engineering Manager. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few different teams wearing a few different hats during this time, and one thing I constantly experience is the transparency and honest commitment […]

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Career Check-in: Jyoti Goyal

Jyoti Goyal | Senior Manager, Software Development Engineering, Gurgaon India Meet Jyoti, Senior Manager in Gurgaon who shares how Expedia Group helped in shaping her career in different technologies. What is your favorite part of your job that excites you the most? The greatest gratification I get in my professional life is witnessing people’s growth […]

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Career Check-in: Mamatha Gulhane

Mamatha Gulhane | Staff Engagement Manager, Sydney Australia “Travel makes you modest and turns you into a Storyteller.” I embraced a new perspective and understood the importance of travel in life after joining Expedia Group in 2018. Working at Expedia Group as Staff Engagement Manager in APAC, within the connectivity and solutions team, I help […]

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Career Check-in: Jyoti Balwani

Jyoti Balwani | Engineering Manager, Gurgaon India Many times, we come across the word “work satisfaction”. But does just doing the work of your choice give you satisfaction? In my opinion it’s also the work culture, where one feels comfortable and confident enough to be able to speak their minds and share their viewpoints. To […]

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Career Check-in: Bharti Mehraa

Bharti Mehraa | Product Manager II, Gurgaon India I started my journey with Expedia Group (EG) as a Software Engineer in 2018, pretty much as a fresher out of college. EG has played a pivotal role in shaping my career; first, by providing me great learning opportunities to excel as a Software Engineer and then […]

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Career Check-In: Brent Paulson

Brent Paulson | Relocations Escalations Specialist What does your typical workday look like? On a typical workday, I start in the late afternoon. Generally, I have a quick meeting with my coworkers to align on process and policy changes and make a game plan to pick up additional reporting requests. The great thing about most […]

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