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Market Management Careers – Meet Brandon

Brandon Robbers | Associate Market Manager, Los Angeles What does your typical work day look like? I get online, check my email, check Slack for team/Expedia Group (EG) updates, and then reach out to Partners to help them maximize their revenue. What is your favorite part of your job? My favorite part of my job […]

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Market Management Careers – Meet Samantha

Samantha Oliver | Hotel Account Manager, New York, NY What does your typical workday look like? I kick off my day by reaching out to hotels within my territory of over 200 hotel partners located in Boston, Philadelphia, and New Jersey to optimize their hotels’ rates and inventory levels. Throughout the rest of the day, […]

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Career Check-In: Shimla Rawat

Shimla Rawat | Senior Manager, Data Engineering, Gurgaon India I felt compelled to write out what goes through my head on a regular basis, in fact, a portion of it crosses my mind every day, and I figured it would be better to at least record it somewhere so that my Expedia colleagues and friends […]

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Career Check-In: Alexandra Skiba

Alexandra Skiba | Progam Manager III, Sydney Australia My journey to Expedia Group all began with my first lego set. As a child, I was passionate about learning how things worked, building new things, and how to fit all the pieces together. What began as building lego worlds eventually led me to pursue a degree […]

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Recognizing Deanna Chase for winning the Strategic Partnership Award of the 2021 Admin Awards

Deanna Chase | Sr. Executive Assistant We asked Deanna Chase about the ins and outs of working as an Administrative Professional and her role as Sr. Executive Assistant to CEO Peter Kern. We proudly recognize Deanna for winning the Strategic Partnership Award of the 2021 Admin Awards. This award embodies the tremendous impact an Executive […]

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Career Check-In with Michelangelo Prisciano

Michelangelo Prisciano | Software Development Engineer Intern How did your journey at Expedia Group begin? Funny enough, it started with a long journey on a night bus to London in my first year of University so that I could attend the Expedia TravelAid Hackathon. Me and my team developed a prototype for a voice-based hotel […]

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Career Check-In with Billy Black

Billy Black | Marketing Analyst, London How did your journey at Expedia begin? Hi there, I’m Billy and I’m an analyst at Expedia Group based in the marketing division in London. My journey with Expedia started just under two years ago when I interned in the summer of 2019, after which I returned to university […]

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Career Check-In with Gabriella Clarke

Gabriella Clarke | Product Manager III, Seattle What does your typical work day look like? I try to make sure I have at least 15 minutes before my first meeting of the day, to check for urgent messages and settle in. It can be a challenge since I live in Seattle and work with folks […]

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Career Check-In with Roger Kovessy

Roger Kovessy | Senior Program Manager What does your typical work day look like? As a Senior Program Manager based in the Montreal office, I oversee all the Landing Pages team’s projects and so a typical day involves making sure our on-going projects are flowing smoothly, and looking forward to plan out what we will work on next. My goal is always to improve how we operate, […]

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Recognizing Tina Hodges for Diversity and Tech Leadership Excellence

Tina Hodges | Director, HR We asked Tina Hodges, about her passions and how she got to where she is today. She will be receiving the Leadership Excellence in Technology award at the virtual National Diversity & Leadership Conference this week. Congratulations on the award! Please could you tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to a career in […]

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