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Building the App-First Experience at Expedia Group

Rick Fast | Senior Vice President, Experience Engineering Think about your last trip. Was your flight on time, did you get rerouted or encounter a challenge and wish you had a companion alongside you to smooth the way? At Expedia Group, we’re travelers who are passionate about seeing the world and having a great experience […]

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My Career Journey at Expedia Group

Nicole Grieble | Director, Software Development Engineering My career journey at Expedia Group (EG) has centered around one of EG’s core values – “Choose Fearlessly.” It’s something I do every day, but there were a few key moments where doing so helped define the engineer and leader I am today.  My journey at EG started […]

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Powering the Global Travel Industry with Flexible Checkout

Rohan Sebastian | Product Manager III As part of Expedia Group’s mission to power global travel for everyone, everywhere, the company embarked on a journey to build the Open World platform. Open World, our new purpose-built technology platform, was created for partners of all sizes to leverage and configure products and services needed to succeed […]

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(Re)introducing Content Design at Expedia Group

Aaron Burgess | Senior Director, Head of Content Design What’s in a name? A lot, it turns out. Earlier in the decade, being a content strategist in Expedia Group’s XD (Experience Design) team meant that you focused on the product experience for one specific part of the company. You were small and scrappy — sometimes a team […]

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“I #ChoosetoChallenge”: Sandy Anuras, SVP Retail MarTech on Women in Tech

On this International Women’s Day, I mark 20 years of working in the software industry. Two decades, 20 years, 240 months. It’s been an amazing journey, but I am tired. I am angry as well, although the fiery rage I felt earlier in my career has given way to a slow, controlled burn.  There’s so much work […]

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Back to School After 30: How I Changed Careers and Discovered the Whole New Tech World

Yulia Pichugina | Software Developer Apprentice By the age of 31, I’ve lived in three different countries, obtained two university degrees, learned two foreign languages and met the love of my life. Generally, I felt quite happy but only one thing was missing from my picture of a perfect life: a job that would be […]

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How we drive Inclusion and Diversity in Expedia Group

2020 raised a lot of questions and discussions on the topic of Inclusion & Diversity, a topic that proved to be near and dear to Expedians. But how do we really make a difference and drive change in the workplace?   The 2020 Inclusion & Diversity Analytics Hackathon is one initiative that brought together teams and individuals in EG who wanted to drive positive, proactive and practical action to improve Expedia […]

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Women in Technology World Series: Speaker Spotlight with Alix Fitzgerald

As we build up to the Women in Technology World Series 2020, taking place 16-20th November 2020, we caught up with Alix, a Senior Product Manager and one of our keynote speakers who will be a part of a fireside chat at the event. Read on to find out more about a typical day as […]

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My Virtual Hackathon Experience

Kelvin Macartney | Software Engineering Intern This hackathon didn’t start in much the same way that typical hackathons do. Instead of being in an office teeming with excitement and nerve for the 48-hour challenge ahead, I was in my room and on my desk at 9am. We had our opening meeting, discussed our idea more […]

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Making Travel Awesome for People with Disabilities

Shouvik Mukhopadhyay | Software Dev Engineer “The one argument for accessibility that doesn’t get made nearly often enough is how extraordinarily better it makes some people’s lives. How many opportunities do we have to dramatically improve people’s lives just by doing our job a little better?”  ― Steve Krug We seldom realize we have the […]

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