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Life at Expedia Group Blog

What it’s like to be a native app engineer at Expedia Group

Kari Grooms | Senior Mobile Engineer, iOS It’s an exciting time to be doing native app development at Expedia Group! We’re going all-in on new tech – SwiftUI and Combine for iOS and Jetpack Compose for Android – to build a new native platform, not just for our own apps, but for external customer apps […]

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Building the App-First Experience at Expedia Group

Rick Fast | Senior Vice President, Experience Engineering Think about your last trip. Was your flight on time, did you get rerouted or encounter a challenge and wish you had a companion alongside you to smooth the way? At Expedia Group, we’re travelers who are passionate about seeing the world and having a great experience […]

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Expedia Group Recruiters Share Their Advice

Our recruiters play an important role in helping us power global travel for everyone, everywhere. In our “Expedia Group Recruiters Share Their Advice” series, learn from members of our Global Talent Acquisition team as they share tips on how to succeed when interviewing at Expedia Group. Show your passion “The most important piece of advice […]

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My round-trip back to Expedia Group

Alex Mayes | Talent Acquisition Manager Welcome to Expedia Group! We’re thrilled to have you on board again. For our readers, please could you tell us a bit about yourself and your career journey?   I grew up in the East of England but have been working and living in France for 5 years – so […]

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Expedia Group Graduate Program: Melisa and Jennifer

Melisa and Jennifer are both Data Science, Analytics Grads currently working on the Incrementality and Allocation Analytics team as part of the Expedia Group Graduate Program. Melisa works on the Incrementality Methodology side, and is based in London, UK, and Jennifer works on the Capital Allocation side of the team, and is based in Seattle, […]

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Introducing Pride: Expedia Group LGBTQIA & Allies

Part 9 of 9 in our “Meet our IBGs” Series Celebrating Pride Month  In June 1969 an event in New York sparked change. Police raided the Stonewall Inn, a bar frequented by the gay community, beating people as they were pushed onto the streets. A week of protests and riots ensued, inspiring people globally to […]

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My Career Journey at Expedia Group

Nicole Grieble | Director, Software Development Engineering My career journey at Expedia Group (EG) has centered around one of EG’s core values – “Choose Fearlessly.” It’s something I do every day, but there were a few key moments where doing so helped define the engineer and leader I am today.  My journey at EG started […]

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A Peek into the Life of a New Graduate

Hi there! My name is Elaina Heraty, and not too long ago I graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in computer engineering. My goal was to work as a software engineer, in addition to more general concerns such as location, culture, etc., I also wanted to contribute to a company that has a positive […]

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Career Check-in: Jackie Olivier

Jackie Olivier | Data Engineer III, Brisbane, Australia I joined Expedia Group for a 3-month contract when I was 25 weeks pregnant with my last child.  I was shocked and amazed that they went ahead with the interview after I told the recruiter I was pregnant, and even more surprised when she advised me that […]

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Introducing ACE: Asian Community at Expedia Group 

Part 8 of 9 in our “Meet our IBGs” Series Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month  Expedia Group’s Inclusion Business Group, Asian Community at Expedia Group (ACE) recognizes the global contributions of the Asian community while also empowering employees and allies. During the month of May, we observe Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) – […]

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