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Life at Expedia Group Blog

Our Diversity Hiring Ambition

As part of our commitment to address racial injustice and inequity, there are many commitments we have made and milestones we have reached at Expedia Group that will propel us forward on the path to improvement and progress.  One of these includes our hiring targets for women to occupy 50 percent of roles at all levels by the end of  2025, and 25 percent of […]

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Latinas in Tech Summit

We’re proud to have been part of the Latinas in Tech (LiT) Summit this month. This is the first year we’ve participated as a Gold-level sponsor and it was an honor to be a part of this wonderful event! Over 1,400 people attended this year’s Summit – topics included innovating equity, demystifying corporate culture, addressing […]

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Inclusive design is good design – Accessible and inclusive EG tools

“Inclusive design is good design: if we get this right for those who need it most, it will be more awesome for everyone.” – Toby Willis  Expedia Group (EG) employees rely on third-party technology solutions like Slack to do their work now, more than ever as a means of connecting to teams, communities, systems, and workflows. As a result, we in Expedia IT (eIT) have forged relationships with […]

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Latinas in Tech Summit Speaker Spotlight: Emily Vignaux

Emily Vignaux, Director of Technology, Chicago How did you get into the field of technology? In grade school, I had a strong passion for math which led to technology and enrolling in a Computer Science class in high school. After completing the course, I was curious and wanted to learn more about how computer hardware […]

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Recognizing Tina Hodges for Diversity and Tech Leadership Excellence

Tina Hodges | Director, HR We asked Tina Hodges, about her passions and how she got to where she is today. She will be receiving the Leadership Excellence in Technology award at the virtual National Diversity & Leadership Conference this week. Congratulations on the award! Please could you tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to a career in […]

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The Road to Racial Equity

It’s been nearly a year since Expedia Group shared our commitment to address racial injustice and inequity. This isn’t a one-time, one-year effort. Our intention has always been to create lasting change. Change that helps create a better world for generations to come. And now, as we continue to bear witness to new tragedies, crimes, and harassment against people of color, it is critical to remind ourselves of what we pledged to do, recognize where […]

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“Should I have my camera on when I have the option to turn it off?”

Tanya Saxena | Scrum Master Tanya, as part of the Program Management Office Team, has been supporting development teams to establish a culture that promotes psychological safety allowing groups of people from various brands & locations to collaborate, exchange knowledge, be creative and have fun.Being part of the Expedia Group Mentorship Program, Tanya was […]

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Expedia Group Arrivals: Jessica Patel

Jessica Patel | SVP, New Partner Solutions In our newest edition of our Expedia Group Arrivals, we want to extend a warm welcome to Jessica Patel, Senior Vice President of New Partner Solutions. Jessica, welcome again to Expedia Group (EG)! We’re thrilled to have you on board. For our readers, please could you tell us […]

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Wellness programs aren’t enough to address ableist systems + behaviors

Marnie Weber | Sr. Program Manager in Learning & Development When I got involved with the Ability Inclusion Movement at Expedia Group (an inclusion business group), I was fired up about how we could treat people with disabilities better, including those with mental illness and/or who identify as neurodivergent. Neurodiversity and mental illness both refer […]

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“I #ChoosetoChallenge”: Sandy Anuras, SVP Retail MarTech on Women in Tech

On this International Women’s Day, I mark 20 years of working in the software industry. Two decades, 20 years, 240 months. It’s been an amazing journey, but I am tired. I am angry as well, although the fiery rage I felt earlier in my career has given way to a slow, controlled burn.  There’s so much work […]

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